Celebrity Picks for the AfterEllen.com 2010 Hot 100


Comedian Bridget McManus (Brunch with Bridget) told us:

"My pick for numbers one through nine is [my wife] Karman Kregloe. My pick for number 10 is Mena Suvari‘s ass."

Mena Suvari

Comics Cat Davis and Fortune Femister (Is This Awesome?) gave us a lengthy prologue before diving into their list:

Cat told us, "Fortune and I had to agree to disagree on some of these. My number one is most definitely Bebe Neuwirth. Fortune gives her the thumbs down, because she hates beauty. And class. And slicked back hair-dos that make you think it might be fun to be punished. Mmm, Lilith. But, we agreed to make this list together, so let’s get down to business!"

1. Dance Magic – Duh. They’re sexy, they’re smart, and they clearly have great taste in leotards.

2. Olivia Wilde – Va-va-va-voom! She can stay in our House anytime. (Nailed it!) She’s smart, politically active and a humanitarian of the highest order. This gal’s a class act.

3. Idina Menzel – From lesbian icon (Maureen from RENT) to M.I.L.F. (real life, she just had a baby!), Idina’s been there for us from the start. She’s Wicked-ly hot, and she sings like an angel (if angels have big, belty rock-n-roll voices that make you want to rip off your clothes). We can’t wait to see – and hear – her rock the big gay hizzie on Glee!

4. Rachel Maddow – She’s just so f—ing smart. Plus, she can mix a mean cocktail. We’d love to spend many a Happy Hour with the Maddow, if she’d let us. We give a big shout out to her partner, artist Susan Mikula, as well, cuz they were too damn cute in People. And, visibility matters! (Duh.)

5. Brandi Carlile – Who doesn’t love a gay lady balladeer? This up and coming rockstar rocks our socks (and lady parts) when she croons out tunes like "The Story." Her music makes you want to fall in love. Plus, she’s just so dang purty.

Brandi Carlile

6. Mary-Louise Parker – She makes Fortune feel warm and fuzzy … in a "I want to sex on you" way. But, since she’s a straight lady, we’ll accept her awesome wing-woman skills in lieu of reciprocated physical affection. This is one lady we’d crawl through the Weeds for, fo’ sho.

7. Kathryn Morris (FF says, "This one is all Cat.") – Kathryn Morris plays the sexiest detective on the best procedural on TV, Cold Case. Her hair, though sometimes mocked (see MadTV), is sexy and awesome. She can rock a bang, and isn’t afraid of a lady mullet. Plus, this dame can act. Lilly Rush is one the most under appreciated female characters on television of all time. Period. (PS: "Call me, Kathryn." – CD)

8. Mia Michaels – Her choreography on SYTYCD inspired us to become dancers ourselves. She is a crazy-pants genius and her dances are inspired, sexy and raw. Hello, did you see the bed dance in Season 4? How about the one with door? Do we need to keep going? ‘Cuz we could. But, we won’t. Plus, we can’t get enough of her sexy ass hair! (Even when she doesn’t have any.)

9. Queen Latifah – If she were an out gay lady, she might just be our number one. As it is, she is fierce and beautiful, multi-talented and a Covergirl we’d like to see uncovered. (Boom! Nailed!)

10. Morena Baccarin (Anna from V) – Her hotness is out of this world. She makes us wish we were aliens. Not since Deanna Troi on Star Trek: Next Generation has a sci-fi cutie made us swoon this hard. If only we could get Anna one of those Federation unitards … 

Morena Baccarin

Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Veronica Hart ­
3. Catherine Deneuve
4. Angela Bettis
5. Emma Caulfield



Jenn (Come With Me If You Want to Live)

1. Michelle Obama – No explanation needed
2. Angela Bassett
3. Chrisette Michele – Such a talented musician
4. Scarlett Johansson
5. Charlize Theron
6. Beyoncé
7. Sarah Shahi – I’m sure she didn’t need my vote anyway
8. Zhang Ziyi
9. Mae Jemison – A very positive role model
10. Fiona Apple (and her lips!)

Zhang Ziyi

Our 2010 Hot 100 polls will close at midnight on Friday, May 7. Don’t forget to vote!

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