Celebrity Picks for the AfterEllen.com 2010 Hot 100

At the "Evening With Women" benefit in Los Angeles, our reporter Lesley Goldberg asked some of the women who walked the red carpet who their picks would be:

Renée Zellweger: “I think Rachel Maddow is extraordinary. I tune in every day. I think she’s so charming, and so witty and funny. If you want someone to go to bat for your team, I think she’s the girl. I think Scarlett Johansson is quite beautiful, so it depends on how you define hot. And you’d be on the list!”

Ann Wilson (Heart): "Michelle Obama and Rachel Maddow."

Michelle Obama

Clementine Ford (The L Word): “Rachel Weiss would be on mine, I love her. Also, I think Kate Winslet is gorgeous. And Linda Perry. (Laughs.) Those are my top three.”

Kate Winslet

Linda Perry (as her partner, Ford, stood nearby): “First of all, Clementine Ford is at the top of my list. Number two would be Clementine Ford. Number three would be Clementine Ford. I have no eyes for anyone but her.”

Kat Von D (L.A. Ink): “Linda Perry would be on there for sure because any woman who is down for a cause like this is definitely hot, and a bunch of other random people; I think Johnette Napolitano is hot.”

Tracy Ryerson (The Real L Word):“I think Sofia Vergara, if only she was gay. Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Biel.”

Nicol Paone (The Big Gay Sketch Show) picked:

1. Marion Cotillard – Did you see her number in Nine? Jesus!
2. Lena Headey – Yup!
3. Rachel Weisz – I’ll be your constant gardener.
4. Kate Beckinsale – Let’s play Lauren Canyon.
5. Rose Byrne – I’d love to play Glenn Close to her Ellen Parsons.
6. Carla Gugino – Call me.
7. Ruth Bader Ginsburg – I mean you gotta love a smart woman.
8. Rachel Maddow – Take me to Massachusetts and love me forever.
9. Queen Rania – She speaks five languages.
10. Kristen Stewart – I feel like a pedophile.

Kristen Stewart

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