Celebrating Lesbian Marriage

Bridget McManus and Karman Kregloe (August 29, 2008)

Photo by Tony Donaldson

Comedian Bridget McManus, and writer (and AfterEllen.com staff member) Karman
were married in Los Angeles this summer.

"I met Bridget through AfterEllen.com," says Karman, "so I consider Sarah Warn my yenta. They say most people meet their spouses at work, and I guess you could say that’s what happened with us. The only difference is that other people do it around a water cooler and not in front of a video camera."

The couple work together on Bridget’s show Brunch with Bridget, which airs on Logo and AfterEllen.com, and on their online
travel show, You Can’t Take Them Anywhere!

Bridget and Karman had planned to wed in 2009, but with the possibility of losing legal marriage in the coming election, they took the plunge early to protect their rights.

They decided to initially share the news only with their families, who were supportive and enthusiastic. "We sent them some pictures, and both of our mothers complained about Bridget wearing red and me wearing jeans for such an
important occasion," said Karman. "But we didn’t care, we loved our hippie wedding and honeymooned at the beach. We were married by a woman named Lorelei Starbuck, so it’s not like it was a conventional wedding anyway."

They didn’t tell anyone else about the marriage.

"We kept it a secret," Bridget explains, "because we didn’t want anyone to skip out on our real wedding next year if they found out we had already gone through with the legal ceremony. Or get out of giving
us fancy appliances as wedding gifts — we’re planning to register at my sister’s store in Seattle."

But they’re talking about it publicly now to help boost morale after the passage of Prop 8, which they are actively involved in protesting (Bridget starred
in an ad
highlighting the Mormon Church’s considerable involvement in the campaign).

"I’m very grateful to all of the people who worked so tirelessly on the No on 8 campaign," says Karman. "They are my heroes. I don’t doubt for one second that we’re going to win this battle, both in the courts and in the streets, but I’m looking forward to the day when the separation of
church and state is a reality here, and not just something we give lip service to."

"John Lennon said it best, ‘Love is all you need.’ Or in our case, love and a really good lawyer."

Did you get married in California too? Post your stories in the comments.

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