Celebrating Lesbian Marriage

Amanda Barrett and Abby DeWald (October 2008)

Amanda Barrett and Abby DeWald, who together comprise the Los Angeles-based folk/bluegrass band The Ditty Bops, announced
their wedding on their MySpace profile last month.

"We just got married!" they wrote. "We are so happy that after 10 years together we could make our union legal in the State of California."

The couple met at the University of California, Davis, and formed their band in 2000.

Their song "There’s a Girl" was included on the first Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack, and they appeared on an episode of The L Word in 2007.

They bicycled across America in 2006 to promote their second album (their first self-produced one), and they recently released their fourth album, Summer Rains.

When they’re not entertaining fans with their music, they are dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues through their nonprofit You and I Save the World.

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