Celebrating Lesbian Marriage


Maile Flanagan and Lesa Hammett (July 2008)

Emmy-winning actor Maile Flanagan and Lesa Hammett, her partner of over 13 years, were finally married
this summer.

Maile, who thanked Lesa on stage when she won an Emmy for her
starring voice-over work in the PBS animated series Jakers! The Adventures
of Piggley Winks
in 2005, is also the voice of the ninja protagonist Naruto
on The Cartoon Network’s most popular show, Naruto.

She’s best known to lesbians for her starring role in the web series 3Way, and to the general public for her many supporting and guest star roles on TV shows
like Grey’s Anatomy and The Class and movies like Evan Almighty and the upcoming Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey.

Maile gave us an overview of their wedding, which took place at
a California courthouse:

It was, of course, one of the happiest days of our lives. We got married quickly because we felt it was important to do it before the election. We married at a courthouse because we wanted to hear an official from the
State of California declare that we were legally wed. But most importantly, we wanted to be married and we were. Our courthouse wedding was simple, beautiful, meaningful, and full of love.

Maile and Lesa at the courthouse to get married

The couple had planned to marry in San Francisco in 2004, before gay marriage rights were revoked, "which made that July day in 2008 that much sweeter."

Lesa and Maile are heartbroken that their marriage may now be invalidated.

It is impossible to me to fathom how this could be harmful to anyone. To say that we are heartbroken is an understatement. We are sad, angry, confused, depressed and disappointed. We are sickened by people blaming minorities for
this and tired of being told that we didn’t do enough as gay people to defeat this heinous proposition, when it shouldn’t have been on the ballot to begin with. Yes, we’ll fight. But why should we have to? At least we have the piece
of paper …. for now.

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