Catching Up With “Corrie”: Sophie and Sian Get Sorted


Sian flees to Southport, and refuses to take any of Sophie’s calls. Finally, Sophie ignores her dad’s punishment and takes the train to visit Sian.

Sophie: Why are you being like this?
Sian: Like what?
Sophie: Like I’ve done something really terrible to you.
Sian: Sophie, you kissed me!
Sophie: Yes. So?
Sian: So?! So … no! That is so not on! You might be like that, but I’m not!
Sophie: Like what?
Sian: Like, you know what I mean! Ugh! Like … a lesbian, Sophie! You might be one, but I’m not!
Sophie: I don’t know what I am.

Oh, Sophie! Sweet Sophie! Didn’t you ever watch Bad Girls? Nikki Wade could have helped you with this one: You’re not normal. You’re not abnormal! You’re just you! You do what you want, what you feel!

Sian kicks her out, and Sophie spends the next several days in a heap of bawling angst, which gets even bleaker when Sian mails back their matching friendship bracelets. She’s pitiful and confused because she didn’t know she was into Sian like that, and now that she does know, it’s all she can think about. And she’s wondering if she’s gay or straight or bi or if she really even wants or needs a label. Plus, I didn’t mention this before, but Sophie’s just gotten into Christianity, so she’s going to have to deal with that as well. But mostly, she just really misses her best friend.

Sophie and Sian, Part Three: Is This The Part Where We Play Katy Perry?

Everyone tries to cheer Sophie up because they think a bloke has broken her heart, and her sister even gives her a makeover and sends her out on a date with a dude who’s been into her for a while. Sian comes back to Weatherfield and goes to Sophie’s house, but when she finds out Sophie is on a date, she decides to go back to Southport. (Geezus, get this girl a teleporter.)

Sophie brings her date home so they can sit on opposite ends of the couch and watch Harry Potter, but then bounces the f-ck right out of there when her sister mentions that Sian came to see her. Sophie finds her on a Feelings Bench. Sian says she’s angry because:

Sian: You said you were confused and that you didn’t know what to think, and then you go out with a lad.
Sophie: I still am confused.
Sian: And now I am!
Sophie: Let’s not talk about it here.

They go to her grandfather’s shop and cuddle on the couch.

Sian: You and me. It never crossed my mind before.
Sophie: Really? Never?
Sian: No.
Sophie: Well, I don’t believe you.

Awesome. Awesome, Sophie. She tries to hold Sian’s hand, but she jerks away and wipes it on her jeans and fidgets and stutters and actually kind of growls a little bit. Then she reaches for Sophie’s hand.

Sian: I do think about you now. I just don’t know where it’s come from.
Sophie: But it’s there?
Sian: [Nodding] I really missed you.

They lean in at the same time and kiss and giggle and try to decide if this means they’re going out. (Actually, it means you’re making out, which is kind of better.) Sian has a bus to catch, per the ushe, so Sophie gives her her friendship bracelets back and they decide to keep their relationship a secret for a while. Sian kisses Sophie and says, "I can’t wait to see you again, and I haven’t even gone."

Then she does go, leaving Sophie to daydream about her until, I guess, the evening, when her seventh bus of the day drops her back in Weatherfield.

What do you think of Sophie and Sian so far?

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