Catching Up With “Corrie”: Sophie and Sian Get Sorted

Sophie and Sian, Part Two: Juliet Says, Hey — It’s Romeo!

Ryan is bummed about the breakup with Sian, so when Sophie tries to comfort him, he tries to snog her (Classic Horny Boy Move number five of five). She jumps to her feet and shoves him and is outraged — seriously, hair flying everywhere — and shouts and storms away. The next day, he asks Sophie not to tell Sian about how he tried to stick his tongue down her throat because he really does love her and wants to try to work things out. Sophie is conflicted, so she has tea with the first person she slams into — as is her wont — where she learns that sometimes you have to lie to protect people’s feelings.

All her agony is for nothing, though, because when she walks outside, she sees that Sian’s third bus of the day has dropped her off, and she’s canoodling with Ryan.

Back together, Ryan reminds Sophie that he wanted to go bowling.

Sian: Oh, yeah. I’ll phone Sophie.
Ryan: Uh, what are you phoning her for?
Sian: Uh, because she’s my best mate.
Ryan: What about me?
Sian: Well, you’re my fella, aren’t you? Deal with it.
Ryan: I was hoping we could spend the day to ourselves. You’re always banging on about how we never spend any time together. I thought, just today…
: OK, you win.
: It’s not about winning; it’s not a competition between me and Sophie.
: Isn’t it?
: No. But even if it was, I’d always win it. Sophie can’t do this. [He kisses her.]

Oh, Ryan. Young, dumb Ryan. Your hair is bigger than your world.

Sophie phones Sian and tells her they have to talk. They go to a Feelings Bench and Sian tucks her foot under Sophie’s boot — because did I mention these two crawl all over each other like a box of puppies? — and Sophie says that Ryan tried to kiss her. Sian drags Sophie to Ryan’s to confront him, and he turns it around and says that Sophie came onto him. For some inexplicable reason, Sian believes him.

Sophie cries and Sian cries. Sophie pouts and Sian pouts. Sophie shouts and Sian shouts, and then Ryan comes clean, and Sian chucks him — again. Meanwhile, Sophie’s dad has spotted her henna tattoo and grounded her for a month because she "scarred herself for life" and her mum doesnt "need any more stress." (I don’t know.) Sophie listens to "Bad Romance" and scrubs at the henna.

She’s crying on her bed when Sian comes to apologize for losing her mind and believing Ryan. Sian asks Sophie to come to Southport over the weekend so they can eat chips and get bombarded by seagull poop. (I watched this scene seven times because I thought the accents were tricking me, but I swear that’s what she said.) Sian goes in for another hug and realizes Sophia has scrubbed off her GayMarriage Tattoo.

Sophie: Ouch!
Sian: What? SOPHIE!
Sophie: Sorry, but I had to get it gone.
Sian: You are more important to me than any lad; do you hear me?!

Sophie hears her loud and clear so she leans right in and does that thing Ryan said she couldn’t do. Before Sian starts crying harder and storms out, she kisses Sophie right back. In fact, one could argue upon repeated viewing (for screencap purposes) that Sophie might lean, but Sian does all the work.

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