“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.7 “Dog Eat Dog”


OK, just one more.

A big break for a little boy — At Caitlin’s office, she’s putting
her job and professional future in the hands of an infant with a portfolio
named Dennis.

She looks at his designs
and declares them to be "sophisticated, mature." Which is saying a
lot because Tim Gunn
has corns older than this kid.

Dennis says giddily that he’s
been wearing Lily Parrish since he was 15, which somehow qualifies him to
launch a major show at an event where Versace and Kenneth Cole are vying for
the spotlight.

Dennis: I can do this.
Caitlin: Under pressure? Can you
pull enough of these pieces together by Friday so we can have some semblance of
a show?
Dennis: Semblance? Was Tom Ford’s
first for Gucci a "semblance of a show"?
Caitlin: Oh, aim high. I like that. Go.
Start. Sew.

Young Dennis skips off on
his gossamer loafers to get started.

But first, he’s going to
call his mother, his boyfriend and every person he’s ever met. This is better
than the day he realized boys can wear
eyeliner, even if they’re not in a rock band.

How to do things right — At home, Zoe is "helping" her
daughter with her school project. And by helping, I mean she’s pushing the kid
aside and doing it herself. As she does so, she’s also telling Eric how to
pitch himself to Gerard, as if he’s also 9 and has no clue how to make the most
of his presentation, either.

While that fascinating
family drama is going down, Juliet is having dinner with Len Billionaire in the
restaurant of her hotel. After dinner, he orders a Sauternes, a yummy French
dessert wine, which Juliet finds interesting only because her hotel doesn’t
carry any.


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