“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.7 “Dog Eat Dog”

Sad dog — At the office, Mia tries to bribe Wiley with new toys but
he lies there motionless, wondering how he ended up on this show. Mia tells the
editor (what is her name?!) she thinks her new dog is broken. "I’ve read
the book and he’s just not that into me," Mia says.

Pathetic pig — Zoe is out kicking the ol’ soccer ball around with
her son. I don’t think Zoe’s much of an athlete, because she’s dressed like a
secret agent.

Control Freak Zoe tries
pressuring her son to do dribble drills, but all he wants to do is kick around
with his mom. Out of nowhere, Clayton comes traipsing across the grass in his
Gucci loafers.

Zoe: The only reason you’d leave the
office to track me down is if you needed something from me.
Clayton: I don’t need anything. But
now that we’ve landed Tate, don’t you want to put his money to work?
Zoe: Tate wants to know where I am,
and you don’t have an answer.
Clayton: Actually, I told him you
were having your eyes done.
Zoe: You what?

What part of "I quit"
did he not understand? "Jackass" doesn’t begin to describe Clayton.

Zoe sends Clayton a very
nicely placed ball to the back of the head as a final parting shot.

Brandi Chastain would be
so proud. And because you might be as bored with this show as I am, here’s

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