“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.7 “Dog Eat Dog”

Then, of course, Zoe trips and the whole thing lands on top of her at the bottom of the landing. "I can fix this," she shouts. Her dad is a television repairman and has this ultimate set of tools.

Zoe then learns a
valuable lesson when her daughter shows her the smaller, authentic project she
did all by herself while Zoe was "helping" by taking over. Eric
mentions she might want to get a job.

Caitlin saves the day — With no designer, no couture and no way to
leave the country, Caitlin busts a bold move: The models will wear nothing. Nothing
but Lily Parrish Cosmetics, that is.

Mia, Zoe and Juliet are
all on hand for Caitlin’s big show. The lights dim and the models start
prancing out. Everyone oohs and aahs as the music pounds. Sitting across the
runway, Lily gives Caitlin her signature smirk of approval and Caitlin smiles
and sighs with triumph.

Caitlin will end up
looking like Lily in 30 years if she’s not careful.

At long last, love — The next morning, Mia and Wiley are out for
their first run together. She wants to run five miles and then walk to a great
shawarma place on Greenwich.
By the look on his face, Wiley wants to do no miles and then be carried to a
great pillow at home. They compromise and begin walking together, just a girl
and her dog.

And they lived happily
ever after.

Next week on Cashmere Mafia: Well, there is no next week.
This midseason replacement series had seven episodes in the can when the
writers’ strike hit. We may never know if Zoe gets a new job, if Mia finds a
man that makes her as gah-gah as Wiley does, if Juliet becomes the fourth Mrs.
Len Billionaire, or if Caitlin finds a woman (or a man) who will love her and make
her life either romantic or comedic. Or both. Until next time, kids.


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