“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.7 “Dog Eat Dog”


Diva Dennis tells Caitlin
some things need finishing, embroidery and little touches like sleeves.

Caitlin: Dennis, the show is in two
Dennis: I’m sorry, but I can’t do
art on a timetable.
Caitlin: Yes, you can. That is what
I paid you for. OK. Is there anything actually finished on here that a human
being could wear?
Dennis: We did a pair of pants and
some city shorts.
Caitlin: I gave you the opportunity
of a lifetime, and you’re showing me a pair of fricking shorts?

And fugly shorts, at
that. Dennis decides he’s too stressed and walks off the job. Is it a hate
crime if a lesbian murders a gay boy, but he deserves it?

Come, sit, stay — Mia goes to see Wiley in a dog park. He lies
there motionless and alone, chillin’ and watching the other dogs with a look of
distain. I like that dog.

Wallace Shawn tells Mia
he still doesn’t think she’s ready to have a dog. Until she gives him The

Mia: I don’t think having a dog is …
sorry … an animal companion is about being ready, or who you live with, or how
much you work, or how many pets you have … I think it’s about feeling
something. I mean, how do I explain this bond that I have with this dog that I
met three days ago who just lies there like a lump and has really smelly
breath? But I do. I just think that feeling is so rare — with a man, with a
friend, with a dog, with a job — that when you find it, you just can’t let it

Aw. It’s just like the
end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Mia is Charlie and Wallace Shawn is Willy Wonka. And Wiley is the chocolate

Needless to say, Mia wins
Wiley back, but he won’t come to her until she takes out his favorite battered


While Mia stumbles upon
unexpected love, Zoe just stumbles. The "green" project she took over
from her daughter is now a weighty tray of dirt with some kind of irrigation
system. It’s so big, she and Eric have to carry it down a flight of stairs
together. Good thinking with the building it upstairs, by the way.


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