“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.7 “Dog Eat Dog”

Mia: I think that we should be in each
others’ systems, right from the start. Ya know? Like, we want to be with each
other all the time.
Jason: So, what are you saying?
Mia: I’m saying that yes, I agree
with you. It’s a little weird that I’m so obsessed with this dog.
Jason: OK, good …
Mia: But, it feels so great to be
crazy about someone you just met. And frankly, I don’t think that we feel that
way about each other.
Jason: I don’t know if I’ve ever
felt that way about anyone.
Mia: Well, you will. I think this is
goodnight, Jason.

Mia walks away as best
she can in her unbelievably tight skirt while Jason stands there on the
sidewalk, deleting his temporary Mia files and defragging his brain.

Making things happen — The next morning, Eric is pitching his architectural
designs to Gerard as Juliet listens nervously. Eric says all the right things
about cast iron buildings and how to renovate them because within two minutes,
Gerard has decided Eric is the one for him.

Just as Eric gets the
great news, Juliet gets a crate delivery from Len: an original contemporary
painting. She promptly refuses to sign for it and leaves Len a snippy, yet
sassy message on his voicemail, thus insuring he will never stop trying to win
her over.

At the overpriced Midtown
space, Caitlin’s enfant terrible is two hours late, and she’s having kittens. Just
as she’s about to throw her assistant into a cab to go find his ass, Dennis
comes rushing in, rolling a half-empty rack of clothes behind him.

Caitlin is frantic, but
not as much as the kid, who’s having a meltdown right before her very eyes. I
don’t know anything about fashion, so I have to admit I don’t get Caitlin’s
outfit at all. Is she supposed to be a kite?

Nothing on the rack is
finished. Nothing on the rack looks very good, either, if you ask me. Caitlin
asks where are the people she hired to help him. Dennis says he fired all of
them because they were "butchering" his designs. What a diva.


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