“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.6 “Yours, Mine and Hers”

They pass a children’s
store and Caitlin turns to mush. She rushes in to drop a few hundred bucks on
Alicia’s baby while Mia remains outside because the idea of babies makes Mia
want a dirty martini in the worst way.

After-hours business — Clayton and Zoe take Max to a high-end
geisha place where they lounge around, sipping scotch and getting foot
massages. Where is this place and how do I get in?

Zoe tries to talk shop
and command authority while a pretty girl squeezes her bunions. Max likes the
way these two do business, although this kind of thing is the only weapon in
Clayton’s arsenal.

Max has not dismissed Zoe
yet, even though Clayton calls her a buzz-kill right in front the everyone. Zoe
pitches something buzz-killish that Max’s wife has been gabbing about for
forever and Max announces they have their business!

Clayton offers Max the
services of the girls and private rooms upstairs, much to Max’s lascivious
delight. And right on cue, with that uncanny, mysterious timing only wives and
partners have, Cynthia calls to say the opera is over and she’s on her way
over. Quick: Everyone puts your shoes on and act natural.

Clayton and Max put Zoe
on the spot and push the cell phone at her. Zoe lies to Cynthia and says
they’re all about to leave, while numb-nuts and the billionaire smile
conspiringly at her. The boys scamper off to get in 10 minutes of geisha time,
leaving Zoe sitting alone, feeling triumphantly dirty. At least her feet are

Closure — Back in Mia’s apartment, Jack shows up with her birthday
CD. Apparently, that was not the one she cared about, because she left it
there. Jack is all kinds of helpful tonight and kisses her.

Next thing we see,
they’re in bed. Jack is sure things can get back on track, now that he has a
job as good as Mia’s.

Mia: Are you here now because you got a
good job?
Jack: No.
Mia: Well, ’cause that’s what it
sounds like. You see me on some level, and if you’re not on that level or
above, then you can’t be with me.
Jack: You’re reading too much into

But Mia is an exceptional
reader, especially of the content between the lines. She tells Jack she can’t
be with someone who only feels good about things depending on what his resume
says. She goes to her dresser drawer.

"I was waiting,
hoping you’d change your mind. But I’ve changed mine," she says as she
gives him back his wedding ring.

So long, Jack. See you on
the newsstands.


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