“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.6 “Yours, Mine and Hers”

Cynthia offers to give
Max’s ticket to someone named Bianca. Hmm. Is it Mick Jagger’s ex, or the
psycho beeyotch from America’s Next Top
? As they leave, Cynthia hangs back to talk to Zoe.

Cynthia: Zoe, I know how difficult it
is for women to rise in this field, mothers especially.
Zoe: Oh, the stories I could tell.
But to work with a woman of your stature on something as meaningful as this, I
just … I would love it.
Cynthia: That’s what I like about
women; they talk to each other. And if this moves forward, I’ll need someone to
talk to.
Zoe: Me, too.

Cat Burglars — Mia asks Caitlin to go along on her recon mission at
Jack’s apartment. Caitlin is dressed like a cat burglar, by way of Dolce &
Gabbana. So cute. She’s even starting to stand like a dyke.

Inside, they wander
around looking for the sex tape. Caitlin doesn’t find the X-rated material, but
she does help herself to some staples she’s found. That’s not nice. Steal
office supplies from your workplace, like the rest of us. Ever try walking out
with a ream of copier paper in your pants? It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Mia remembers she stuck
the CD behind the TV. They reach around and each pull out a CD labeled,
"Mia." One is the sex video of
Jack giving it to her, the other is some innocuous birthday footage of him
giving her a cupcake. Aw. Sweet and spicy.

Mia gets misty-eyed
watching the couple they once were — on her birthday, not in bed! — when they
hear a key in the door. In walks the news anchorette, Liz, wearing Mia’s scarf.

Liz: Oh, this what you were looking
for? Thanks for letting me borrow it. I got a lot of compliments on it.
Mia: Don’t you have any clothes of
your own?
Liz: I really don’t wear much when
I’m here.
Mia: Could you not talk much when
you’re here? I don’t even know how you can, without a teleprompter.

Liz isn’t smart enough to
go toe-to-toe with a woman who went to business school and runs a magazine.

Mia: Liz, I know that you came here to
show me that this is your territory now, but the fact that you had to make an
appearance when you knew I’d be here, proves that it’s not.
Liz: Aww. You just can’t handle that
Jack’s moved on.
Mia: And you can’t admit that you’re
the rebound girl. Enjoy the bounce.

Snap, sister!

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