“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.6 “Yours, Mine and Hers”

Someone make the popcorn: here we go.

Alicia: Olivia!
Alicia: My ex, the one I was trying to get pregnant with.
Olivia: You must be Caitlin. I didn’t mean for this to be so awkward.
Caitlin: It wouldn’t have been, if we’d known you were coming.
Olivia: Alicia told me about the appointment.
Alicia: I didn’t think you wanted to be here.
Olivia: Why wouldn’t I? It’s my baby, too.
Doctor: The baby looks healthy, in case anyone’s wondering.

Heather has three mommies.

Caitlin and Olivia have a smile-off as Alicia watches from below and wonders if they wouldn’t mind each grabbing an ankle and helping her out of the stirrups.

Here are the red flags:

  1. Olivia knows about Caitlin, but Caitlin didn’t seem to know about Olivia.
  2. Alicia told Olivia about the appointment, but failed to mention that conversation to Caitlin.
  3. Olivia looks insane. Or, the actress thought it was such kooky fun to be playing a lesbian, she decided it was OK to ham it up.
  4. I think I saw Olivia’s orthodontic retainer in the sonogram.

Back in Jack — Mia meets Jack for a drink to negotiate the return of her scarf and the sex tape. Jack is happy to give everything back, if only he knew where the sex tape was. Mia was the one who hid it. He smiles disarmingly at her.

Flush with his new title and paycheck, Jack is sweet and agreeable, and even suggests that Mia go ahead and use her key to rummage around his apartment for her things. She still has a key?

Old relationships never die; they just get added to the pile. Ask Caitlin and Mia.

You pitch, I’ll catch — Zoe and numb-nuts Clayton meet with billionaire do-gooder Max and his lovely wife, Cynthia.

Clayton oversells the deal, promising double-digit returns. Max smells what Clayton’s stepping in and nods his head approvingly. Meanwhile, straight-shooter Zoe dials it back and warns of Warren Buffet–esque problems, and Cynthia is equally impressed.

Between the two of them, their good cop–dumb cop act just might work.

Zoe offers to take them to a chichi wine-tasting dinner, but the billionaires have tickets to Die Fledermaus. Hmm. Opera or getting drunk. Can’t we do both?

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