“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.6 “Yours, Mine and Hers”


Zoe blows her diminutive
stack and tells Henry, the senior partner, some of her thoughts.

Zoe: Forget this one deal, which I made
happen. I have generated more business for Gorham Sutter than anyone else. And
yet the only people who get promoted around here are men; white men, to be blunt.

Wisps of steam leak out
of Zoe’s ears.

Henry: I don’t like what you’re
Zoe: I am not insinuating anything,
Henry. I’m saying it straight out. It doesn’t matter to you, does it, that I
have given everything to this firm,
including my integrity?
Henry: Integrity? C’mon, this is
Wall Street. As far as a promotion goes, well, you know that that is a tricky
process. Your time will come.
Zoe: Oh, I know it will, Henry. It
just won’t come here.
Henry: Well, not if you keep up like
Zoe: Don’t worry, I’m not going to.
I quit.

Zoe grabs a flute of
champagne and struts out with it.

Vodka and fudge — The girls have had quite a week and gather to get
drunk and slather their wounds with fudge. Caitlin says her mother would be so
proud. Caitlin’s mom is a fat alcoholic.

Zoe’s looking for a movie
companion for tomorrow, and every weekday thereafter. Juliet wants to throw
Cilla Gray out a window, but really, her best revenge is to let her have Davis.
Mia broke her shredder when she tried to feed it her scarf.

Caitlin doesn’t say a
thing about giving up on women, which is nice. Not these women, anyway. I know
who’s going in her family photo album: her chosen family.
Caitlin is so gay.

Next week — Zoe goes nuts being a stay-at-home perfectionist.
Juliet fends off a billionaire while Mia doesn’t measure up enough to adopt a
dog. Caitlin’s off the market and diverts her energy towards saving her job.


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