“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.5 “Stay With Me”

Having made their great
escape, Caitlin leans against a brick wall across the street from the
restaurant as Sam presses against her. He asks, "No?" To which
Caitlin replies without missing a beat, "Yes." He kisses her.

St. Alicia makes a house call — Zoe is on the phone with Juliet,
practically demanding she hire a divorce lawyer, if for no other reason that
Davis is raiding her bank accounts. Juliet allows Zoe to talk to an attorney
for her, but insists the consultation be kept anonymous for now. Oh my gad,
someone hit her across the back of the head.

Accomplished C.O.O. with
advance degree from Ivy League business school seeks housekeeper to clean large
castle in sky. Realists need not apply.

Meanwhile, Caitlin is
getting her own dose of reality. Lying on her office couch with a wicked
hangover, she’s forgotten Alicia was coming for lunch.

Alicia walks in and sets
down a bag of sandwiches. Barf. Caitlin sits up and looks as guilty as humanly

Alicia: [suspiciously] Long night last
Caitlin: Yeah.
Alicia: What ya do?
Caitlin: I went to dinner with a
friend and somehow, I was over-served.
Alicia: Look, I’m going to leave you
to your hangover. I’m gonna run.
Caitlin: You just got here.
Alicia: [studying Caitlin's face] I
went out to dinner with a friend too, last night. [slowly] Only, you already
knew that. [pause] Because you saw me there.


Caitlin hangs her shameful
head and admits she got drunk and slept with Sam, a guy she met at the shower.

Alicia: Why is it so hard for you to be
straight with me?
Caitlin: No pun intended?
Alicia: No jokes, Caitlin.
Caitlin: Excuse me, I like joking. It
saves the people I care about from hearing what I really think, like, I dunno,
say, somebody’s trying to bust me for not being straight with them, when
meanwhile, she knew she was pregnant way before she let me in on it?

Alicia: All right!
Caitlin: I mean c’mon!
Alicia: All right, all right! Look. It’s
perfectly normal for you to do the going-back-and-forth thing. And you throw in
that I’m pregnant, and I’d have been shocked if you hadn’t.
Caitlin: Wait. So now you’re cool
with it?
Alicia: I don’t want to own you. I
just want to trust you. No, I’m not cool with it. I’m a little crushed, to tell
you the truth. And, it also took me about an hour and a half to figure out what
I was going to wear to lunch with you, so …

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