“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.5 “Stay With Me”


Dude, it’s not like you’re
an astronaut. In New York, every sixth passer-by between 51st Street and the
Bowery is a playwright. Although, not just any hack could pen a three-act
extravaganza called Our Lady of Great
. Someone alert the Tony nominating committee at once.

Sam: How about dinner?
Gay Assistant: [interrupting] Alicia’s
on two …
Caitlin: Call her back!
Sam: I will get lost, if you say
yes. There’s a dinner for Tom Stoppard at Mike [Nichols] and Diane’s [Sawyer] tonight.
It might be kinda fun.
Caitlin: Uh, I think you dropped a
couple of names there.
Sam: Thank you for noticing.
Caitlin: And be the invisible woman?
I think I’ll pass.
Sam: OK, then. How about tomorrow
night, just you and me?
Caitlin: My life is a little
complicated right now.

Sam the Playwright is as
gracious as he is humble and says he won’t go away until Caitlin agrees to have
dinner with him.

Find this kind of
persistence flattering and charming? You’re straight. Find it annoying and
uncomfortable? You’re gay. Caitlin seems to be uncomfortable and flattered. I smell a play here.

The lioness — Outside of Emily’s private school, the Drapers’
juvenile delinquent is having a meltdown right there on the sidewalk. Using that
loud, high-pitched, whiney tone favored by teenage girls and spoiled gay boys everywhere,
Emily tells her parents in no uncertain terms how terribly, terribly unfair her
life is. She wants to go away to school.

Emily: I’m not a bad kid! I’m not and
you know that! But I hate it here, and home is worse!
Davis: Dad’s been really busy and
away at work …
Emily: Dad, I know about you and
Brian’s mom, Cilla Gray!
Davis: Whoa, whoa, whoa …
Emily: Don’t! Please don’t!!

Nice going, Dad! Juliet
stands there, paralyzed, mentally redecorating her beautiful castle in the sky.

Emily says if she were
away at school, she wouldn’t have to know about her father’s cheatin’ ways. Finally,
Emily begs: "Please, Mom. I’m not like you! I can’t pretend everything’s

That one hurt. Juliet
hugs young Emily as her inner lioness stirs.

The cougar — This week’s other persistent man, Adam, is in Mia’s
office, showing her his book. She likes his composition and his capture. His
naked girlfriend, not so much. Nevertheless, she offers to show his book to her
art directors. He thanks her for her awesomeness and leaves to go do some
skateboarding or, perhaps, get a tattoo.

At Zoe’s office, Nicholas
tells her they both have to work Thursday through Friday, at least, at the client’s
house in Southampton. Zoe blanches because that’s her wedding anniversary.

Eric is not a happy
camper when Zoe tells him Nicholas is in town and she’s going to miss the
festivities they never really scheduled. Adam walks with Zoe and Eric because
two adults can’t possible manage two children on their own. Eric states what
they need is a wife. I agree. Everybody needs a wife, especially wives.

Zoe stands back, feeling
disconnected from her own family.

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