“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.5 “Stay With Me”


Anywho. Jason disappears into
Zoe’s kitchen under the guise of wanting to watch a top-name chef at work, when
really, he can’t bear to sit around making small talk with five women unless
they’re also doctors.

As soon as he’s out of
earshot, Mia admits Jason is a little too intense. If she wanted that kind of
pressure, she’d just stay at the office and get verbally flogged by Clive.

Caitlin chimes in that
Mia needs a no-strings-attached "tension tamer" sex date to get Jack
out of her system for good. Alicia turns a little green and excuses herself. Is
it the foreshadowing that’s making you ill, honey?

Zoe’s new manny appears
out of nowhere and hands Mia a dirty martini. The manny is a 20-something cutie
named Adam. When did "manny" come to mean bartender and butler? Everyone
needs a manny.

Zoe puts Mia on the spot
and asks her to look at Adam’s photography, because like most mannies and
nannies, he’s formally trained in something that does not involve sippy cups. Mia
is impressed with his photographic composition, his mixology skills and his
youthful little denim butt.

Zoe then turns to see if
Eric is nearby. She talks quietly to her posse.

Zoe: Nicholas is coming to town.
Caitlin: Ooh, work husband! That’s a
first, isn’t it?
Zoe: Thousands of emails and
teleconferences, but we’ve never been in a room together.
Juliet: Now there’s a marriage I
could’ve made work.
Mia: Oh, Jules.
Zoe: And I gotta say. When he told
me? I got a little shiver.
Juliet: She wouldn’t actually do
anything … would you?
Zoe: No!

Jason returns to the room
to say with regret that he just got paged. Mia asks, "What does that mean?"
as if she’s never heard of a doctor getting paged before.

Mia and Jason start
speaking Mandarin for no reason whatsoever. My Mandarin is for crap, but I know
he apologizes, and she says, "No problem, thanks." And he might have
told her the chef spit in the risotto. Jason flies off to perform a craniotomy,
his cape fluttering in the wind.

Caitlin: OK, he’s a little intense.
Juliet: In two languages!
Caitlin: Maybe he’s a cunning

Bah dum bump. With that, Caitlin
suddenly remembers Alicia and goes to check on her. Now that was funny.

While that’s going on, Mia goes out on the balcony to take yet another frantic
call from Clive. Adam finds Mia and sucks up to her a little more by handing
her a second martini and giving her his puppy dog eyes and talking some more
about his going-nowhere photography career. And because Asians can’t hold their
liquor, Mia gives Adam her business card. He may be several years and IQ points
her junior, but Mia needs a tension tamer.

Back in the living room,
Juliet confides in Zoe about Emily’s school troubles and Davis wanting to buy a house. Zoe asks
delicately, why does Davis
control the big C.O.O. money Juliet is making?

"It’s just the way
it always was," Juliet says without a hint of shame.

Ever the voice of good
advice and reason, Zoe practically begs Juliet to get a D-I-V-orce ASAP before Davis spends all her
money on broads and mannies.

In the bedroom — Caitlin sits down next to Alicia, who’s made
herself comfortable on Eric and Zoe’s bed. Caitlin guesses it was a bad crab
cake that’s taken Alicia away from the party. If only.

Alicia: Sweetie, I didn’t want to tell
you until I was a hundred percent sure it was for real this time. I’m pregnant.

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