“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.5 “Stay With Me”

Clive, my man — Over in Mia’s neck of the concrete jungle, the
editors of her magazines are bombarding her with complaints about Clive, her
boss. Todd, the woolly editor who used to work with Jack-ass, is up in hairy
arms because Clive won’t stop riding him about his circulation figures.

Some other editor had
things thrown at his head because he didn’t see why Jennifer Aniston would make
a good cover for a car magazine. Seems Clive’s taking out his pent-up sexual
needs on his staff while his wife is out of town. And by "sexual needs,"
I mean he mistook his Viagra for his Geritol.

Mia gets her own taste of
Clive’s wrath when he barks at her about some interview with the Wall Street Journal. Another worthwhile
scene. Caitlin? Caitlin who?

Dinner party — Later that night, the mafia convene at Zoe’s house
to help eat gourmet stuff. Mia is walking over with Jason, her trophy Asian.

Jason: Is Jack going to be here?
Mia: [laughing] No.
Jason: Any other old boyfriends?
Mia: No. Just my closest
Jason: Anything else I need to know?
Mia: It’s a dinner, not a procedure.
Jason: Everything’s a procedure.

Is Jason a lesbian?

Arriving at the house,
the girls meet Jason for the first time and are impressed.

And Mia finally meets
Alicia and is impressed as well.

Ethnic partners are all
the rage.

The mafia gives Jason the
once-over. He makes a joke about feeling like he’s meeting his date’s parents. Alicia
cracks, "I know exactly how you feel." Well, I don’t. If only
there was a scene where everyone admired the lesbian and Caitlin’s good taste. Oh,

With all the bimbo
shenanigans at Zoe’s office, the colorful characters within Mia’s empire and
the engrossing dynamics of Juliet’s daughter’s angst, there’s no time to explore
mundane plot points like Caitlin’s first ever lesbian relationship. There will
be no watching Alicia finally meeting Caitlin’s best friends, or seeing Caitlin
leaving Alicia’s apartment after their first overnight, or hearing all the
processing that is surely going on in
private. Because we need that time to devote to Clive.

So, we’re left to fill in
the blanks ourselves. In my mind, Alicia has introduced Caitlin to the versatility
of detachable toys, they’ve adopted a cat, and now spend a few nights each week
feeding each other popcorn and watching The
Big Gay Sketch Show
in their socks.

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