“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.5 “Stay With Me”


Davis tells her he wants to get their stories
about their recent split straight, to keep up the Central Park West facade, ya

Davis: I’m telling everyone that it’s just a
trial separation. That we’re not lawyered up, that we’re trying to work it out.
What are you telling them?
Juliet: The same.

He did not just say "lawyered
up." Davis
orders room service and watches a lot of Law
& Order
now, apparently. Meanwhile Juliet only ever talks to Zoe,
Caitlin and Mia, so who is she lying to, other than herself, I mean?

The real reason Juliet
called Davis to
her office is revealed. She shows him a charming picture of their daughter in
front of her school banner on her MySpace-type home page.

Emily belongs to the same
after-school clubs I did.

Their daughter is
suspended for the rest of the week, and Juliet wants to talk strategy before
the meeting with the headmaster of Emily’s private school, Ascot Lockjaw
Day Academy.
Davis’ idea is for the family to start fresh by
moving to the lush suburbs of Westchester
County, New York. Yeah,
because there are no bongs or booze in Scarsdale.

Juliet doesn’t have a
plan, per se. She’ll do what she always does: wish on a star for a better world,
while things go from bad to worse. Meanwhile, it sounds like Emily just wants
to get away from her kooky parents, because Davis reports she wants to be shipped off to
boarding school.

What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine — With Davis sitting
right in front of her, Juliet gets a call from Zoe, who has some interesting
news: Davis has "a lot" of her accounts in private capital at her
company, Skirtchaser,
Backstab & Gross
. Zoe wants to know if she should do more of that sleuthing
she’s so good at.

Juliet: I want to know, and I don’t
want to know.
Zoe: You have to know.

How did Juliet rise to
the top of a cutthroat business world being such an emotional ninny? I want to
know, and yet, I don’t want to know.

A work husband — Zoe doesn’t have time to school Juliet on the finer
points of being a grown woman because her work husband, Nicholas, is on the
video conference screen, calling in from Zurich.
Zoe fluffs up her hair self-consciously.

A work spouse of either
sex, in case you were wondering, is just as it sounds: the person you spend
most of your time with, who knows everything about you, fights with you, helps
you, and you’re not having sex with. Just like a real marriage.

This is Zoe’s version of
cheating — a safe, mild attraction to someone 4,000 miles away whom she talks
to about foreign markets and rising silver futures. The value of this yen
remains artificially low, and she likes it that way.

Work husband Nicholas look
familiar? He was Josh Myers, the writer
who quoted Anaïs Nin and ended up Kissing
Jessica Stein.

Zoe and Nicholas discuss
the Deal of the Century (Zoe’s biggest to date) until the conversation turns to
family. They commiserate about how their jobs keep them from their loved ones; Nicholas
missed his son’s first soccer goal, and Zoe forgot to tell Eric there’s a man
in a giant paper hat coming to the house tonight. Zoe fails to mention she also
forgot her own wedding anniversary, because why be a show-off?

And yet, Zoe and Nicholas
have never missed a deadline, and that’s what really counts.

Just before ending a
totally useless international video conference call, Nicholas says he’ll be
coming to New York
tomorrow and they’ll finally get to meet in person. Zoe goes into a mild giddy

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