“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.5 “Stay With Me”

Caitlin snuggles within
the protective bosom of the cashmere mafia, because sometimes snuggling bosoms
dressed in cashmere is not enough.

Lawyering up — The girls arrive en masse at the offices of Rafe
Gropman, the best divorce shark in Manhattan with a funny name. I know many
women like to go to the ladies’ room in groups, but these girls have taken the
concept to a whole new level.

Zoe introduces Juliet to
Rafe, played by underappreciated actor Harris Yulin.

Rafe recognizes the name
Draper and asks if Davis is her husband. Juliet says, "why, yes he is," with a
little too much happy surprise. Zoe hangs her head.

Rafe: Sorry, I can’t have this
conversation with you.
Zoe: Juliet, it seems that Davis has
already retained Mr. Gropman.
Rafe: [pushing a box of tissues at
Juliet] Would you … ?
Juliet: [amused] Does anyone here
need a tissue?

And that’s what you get
for waiting. But Juliet has stopped wringing her hands now; she’s just begun to
fight. She strides out of Rafe’s office, head held high, the others trailing
behind her. Juliet is cliqued-up and she’s going Denbo
on Davis’ ass. It is on.

Next time on Cashmere Mafia
Just as Caitlin wraps her head around the baby thing, Alicia drops another
bomb. Juliet’s divorce makes the War of
the Roses
look like a church picnic. Mia has a sex tape she’d like back
from Jack.

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