“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.5 “Stay With Me”

Nicholas sits on the
couch in Zoe’s room, admiring her. He invites her to dinner with wine, and Zoe
giddily accepts. Until, that is, she opens her suitcase and finds a photo Eric’s
left in there.

Suddenly reminded she has
a real husband, Zoe decides she can’t entertain the idea of harmless flirting
with her work one. Women. Zero to 60 and back again in three seconds flat. Nicholas
needs a neck brace for his whiplash.

Zoe tells work husband Nicholas
that she’s going home for her anniversary.

Slumming it — Mia and Jason are on another date. They agree to take
it slow because life is hard and how can they possibly date when he could get
paged at any moment? Jason jumps in a cab and disappears.

Mia gets a text message
from Adam inviting her to a booty call. She races over to Zoe’s house at the
speed of light.

Back at Juliet’s, Emily
climbs into her mommy’s bed and floats the idea of going to a public school. Newly
supportive and engaged in her daughter’s life, Juliet offers to set up an
interview. Emily laughs and informs Juliet you don’t "interview" for
public school, you just show up. And walk through some metal detectors. Note to
Emily: They don’t serve sushi in the cafeteria at P.S.115.

Meanwhile, Mia and Adam
are making out like horny kids in the front hallway when Zoe walks in on them.
"What the hell?" she

Mia jumps guiltily out of Adam’s arms and closes the front of her dress. "It’s not what it
looks like!" she says through her fruit punch mouth.
And then, "It is what it looks like."

Zoe finds out Eric isn’t
even home — he went to surprise Zoe in Southampton. Zoe jumps back in her chauffeured
town car and races back to the Hamptons. How kooky in love are those two?

Neat-o — The next day, Clive is still walking around with an ache
that only his wife or screaming at his staff can relieve. Mia tells him to go
get laid and kicks him out of her office. Now, why can’t I have a boss like

Zoe and Mia meet for a
midday meeting to lay out a cougar feeding schedule. All encounters have to
take place outside Zoe’s house, and weekend nights need to be cleared at least
a week in advance.

Caitlin joins them on the
park bench, and without any lead-in blurts out, "OK, so I slept with a guy
on the first date, and Alicia’s pregnant."

Zoe: What?
Mia: OK, we need to talk about the
birds and the bees, OK?
Caitlin: That came out wrong.

Mia and Zoe laugh at
Caitlin’s life because drama is hilarious as long as it’s not your own.

Caitlin: It’s not funny. I feel like a
train wreck. And I don’t feel like joking my way around it, and I can’t be all
neat about it like Juliet can. And I just need that to be all right with you,
Mia: Of course it is.
Caitlin: I know there’s a lot to
say, and I got plenty, but this just feels so good right here, like this.

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