“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.4 “The Deciders”

Tag, you’re it — It’s Sunday, and Sunday is Funday for Zoe’s son, the birthday boy. Zoe and Eric are dressed to play laser tag in the park: she as a German performance artist and he as a member of the ’80s group Loverboy.

Right in the middle of zapping little boys with her death ray gun, Zoe’s cell phone goes off. It’s Katherine, drowning in the meeting with Zoe’s client. Katherine would like Zoe to explain the debt structure for everyone because her Power Point presentation, although pretty and colorful, with very few typos, sucked.

Zoe: If Dan Brooks wanted me to clarify, he shouldn’t have insisted on moving the meeting to a day I couldn’t be there.
Katherine: Zoe, listen —
Zoe: No, you listen. This is my son’s birthday. I’m not about to waste this precious time hand-holding you or Dan Brooks through this deal. I am just a little busy playing laser tag.
Katherine: You’re on speaker!
Zoe: Uh, hi!
Dan Brooks: Zoe, Dan Brooks. I’m a bit confused, seeing as it was your side that asked us to change the meeting. I sure as hell didn’t want to be here on a Sunday.
Zoe: What?!?

Katherine’s true nature is revealed, and yet Clayton continues to stare at her cleavage.

To help explain the debt structure question as only she can, Zoe references a past deal to Dan. He knows exactly what she means and calms down. Clayton and Katherine start tap dancing while covering each others’ asses, which is no small feat.

Speaking of feet, Dan Brooks takes one last look at Flip-flop and tells him to take some of the $200 million and go buy some effing shoes.

Zoe has a few parting words for Clayton and says, "I will do whatever I need to defend myself, even if it means calling your wife." Clayton’s big Gumby head nods.

The power of one — Over at Juliet’s home, an art director, a photographer, production crew and a car that costs as much as some houses are all on hand to make the Drapers look smashing, powerful and oh so rich.

After a few shots, the crew begins resetting for a new angle. They load the backseat with really nice, pricey luggage as props.

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