“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.4 “The Deciders”

An old power couple — Davis drags Juliet outside to show her what he bought her that very morning: a brand new Aston Martin convertible, or as I like to call it, 200,000 dollars’ worth of sorry. The Ice Queen’s frosty façade starts to melt as she stands next to the luxuriant warmth of a 380 horsepower, all-alloy engine, and nestles her pampered buttocks into the finest leather seats ever hand-stitched by British tailors.

Davis tells Juliet that he wants to take her to some far-off restaurants, and further, wouldn’t it be kicky to be in one of those "New York Power Couple" spreads in one of Mia’s magazines?

Juliet balks because she likes to enjoy her rarified lifestyle in private, thank you very much. She finds a traffic ticket in the visor of her new gift.

Juliet: Davis, you already got a ticket? [examining the ticket] And what were you doing in Southampton?
Davis: I had to see this investor, Charles Nadler. A big shot, pain in the ass; wouldn’t drive into the city. But the guy’s connected, so I …
I thought you just picked the car up this morning?
No, I got the car detailed this morning.
It came from the factory dirty?
No, it got dirty driving back from the Hamptons, and I wanted it to be perfect when I gave it to you. OK?

Am I the only one who smells something?

Juliet’s nose is full of new-car smell and nothing else. Further, her gut and her brain are not on speaking terms these days. She smiles and thanks Davis for the awesome car.

A possible power couple — Later that day, Mia obliges her mother, if only to enact the one-year cease-and-desist on setups, and goes to meet Jason for coffee.

Jason turns out to be tall, relatively handsome, well-dressed and not at all the nerdy science geek Mia was expecting. And he has a full head of hair, which for straight women over a certain age is a priority we never have to deal with, thank goodness.

They make small talk about brain surgery and running magazines until both their cell phones go off within seconds of each other. Jason assures someone on his line that the patient is totally cancer-free, while Mia is still denying authorization for a lavish apology gift to the exposed celebrity known only as "Katie."

As their conversations overlap, Mia finally blurts out, "They’re just nipples!" She won that one.

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