“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.2 “Conference Call”

A standing invitation — Cut back to Juliet and her potential revenge-sex partner, Bobby. Bobby’s someone’s idea of a catch: good-looking, Remington Steele hair, velvety voice and gobs of money. He’s also willing to be whatever Juliet wants him to be, without making it sound sleazy. Juliet is intrigued.

Juliet admits her one-night stand plans to Bobby. She sadly asks him if a bad marriage is better than no marriage. And this is supposed to be a smart woman. Are there no lessons from business school she can draw upon here? If the marriage’s infrastructure and operational processes result in undesirable horizontal scalability, would a review of strategies for future growth be warranted? What the hell am I talking about?

Outside, Juliet decides not to seal the deal just yet, but does leave Bobby with a sample of her product.

An accusation — After the dinner where Eric seemed to be the main course, Zoe and the entree are home getting ready for bed. "So, I’m totally off base here? She’s not interested in you in that way?" Zoe prods Eric. He admits Victoria hit on him. Hard. But nothing would happen because he’s Mr. Zoe.

Eric’s point is that Victoria’s offer would be a career-defining opportunity, Architectural Digest and all.

Eric: I step back for you. I let you do what you want to do with work because I see it makes you happy. Can’t you do the same for me?

Zoe stares, not answering. Would "no" be the wrong answer?

Stealing the deal — Mia and Grant are at Ian Weber’s oh-so-hip photography show. I love those shows; pictures of an old shoe or an elbow passing for art. How come when their pictures are blurry, it represents the ambiguity of a postmodern world, but when mine are blurry, it’s because I suck?

Mia gets Ian to agree to be her exclusive photog, whereby after a year, they would publish his coffee table book. There’s one catch, though. Ian wants the book to be the size of an actual coffee table. Artists are freaks of nature, and Mia’s face all but says so.

Ian looks at Grant as if this request is old news. Grant says, obsequious as can be, "I think it’s genius."

Mia: Except that coffee tables come in many sizes.
Ian: Therefore, you would have to order the book custom-made to fit your coffee table. [to Grant] I thought this was worked out?

Mia scrambles to mentally figure out why she feels like she’s out of the loop and, oh yeah, the only sane person in the room. Just then, Caitlin comes running into the gallery.

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