“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.2 “Conference Call”


Dirty work — Back at her office, Mia runs in as Grant is running out. He’s off to a designer sample sale, one of the perks of working in midtown Manhattan. Grant invites Mia along, but she says she has to work now, so he skips off without her. It’s just as well, as only one person should be out of the office attending to personal indulgences at a time.

The minute Grant leaves, Clive steps in. Clive is turning out to be a creepy lurker. He tells Mia he wants her to find a rock star director of marketing, but she reminds him that Grant is their director of marketing. OK then, Clive says, fire your longtime mentor and friend, Grant. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. And brave is the woman who wears a Long John Silver’s outfit to work.

Crank calling — Meanwhile, Juliet is getting up the nerve to call Bobby Walsh. On the first ring, his secretary answers and Juliet hangs up in a panic.

If she’s going to go through with her revenge sex plan, she’s going to need help. Juliet calls Caitlin, who’s uptown and art directing a photo shoot. Juliet’s sickeningly Type A, and anything less than identify, target, plan, execute throws her into a tailspin. Caitlin tells her to meet her at the photo shoot for some problem-solving.

Dead wood — Back at Mia’s empire, she’s rattling off orders to her assistant Tracy for sales figures, payroll budgets and story rundowns. And more pencils. The publisher should never have to look for a pencil.

Guy Smiley Grant moseys back into work, having spent the afternoon sample sale-hopping, going to his gym to cruise the boys, and grabbing a Pinkberry. What a life. Too bad it’s about to come crashing down on his Muppet head.

Grant sits down in Mia’s office and starts reading a magazine. When she asks him what he’s been working on, he shines her on and eyes her muffin gift basket instead.

Makeover — Up on 70th and Fifth Avenue, Juliet has arrived at Caitlin’s shoot. Caitlin promptly sics her makeup artist and wardrobe lady on her. See you after your transformation from fembizbot to femme fatale.

Mommy wars — After school, Zoe picks her kids up from MILF Victoria’s, where they’re eating tofu and steamed veggies and actually liking it. She’s that good a mom. For dessert, there’s an apple tart. Zoe is amazed that people have apple tart ingredients right there in their kitchens, because all she has in her fridge are Chinese takeout leftovers, juice boxes and batteries.

Victoria suggests the grown-ups have a playdate of their own and all go out to dinner. As they pick a date, the kids excitedly shove a box into Zoe’s hands. They made her a custom bear at "Construct-a-Bear."

Her son urges her to squeeze the hand. When she does, the bear bleats, "I can’t talk now, I’m on a conference call." OK, that’s kind of funny.

It is the east (side) and Juliet is the sun — Juliet emerges from the wardrobe and makeup trailer, and yowza. She’s wearing a new red-and-black outfit, one arm bared to show off her alabaster skin. Her hair is flouncy and flaming red. But not as red as her cherry-is-so-very lips.

Caitlin: Now will you call Bobby?
Juliet: I can’t. It’s late. But I will tomorrow.

Juliet glides away in her new outfit, leaving her old gray suit — six hundred dollars’ worth of dull — in the trailer.

Caitlin says under her breath, "No you won’t … but I will," and takes out her cell phone. It’s such a fine line between busybody and caring friend.

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