“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.2 “Conference Call”


Caitlin and her enormous cow eyes are adorable. Alicia declares the meeting over and thanks everyone. As the others walk away, Alicia slides on up onto Caitlin.

Alicia: Tomorrow night?
Caitlin: [nervously] Yeah, mm hmm.
Alicia: Are you wearing the product now? ‘Cause I’m noticing this no-blush blush … [wink]

Caitlin turns away, imagining all the fun they’re going to have later.

The opposite of that would be — Turn-a-blind-eye Juliet and her one-eyed trouser snake husband, Davis, are in a marriage counseling session. Oh, goody. Processing times two.

Davis fills everyone’s ass up with smoke by somberly "confessing" he cheated because he wanted to get caught. He knew it was wrong and wanted to be punished, ya know, subconsciously. Humping on multiple hot, rich ladies is a cry for help, really.

Dr. Melfi (since we’re already ripping off HBO) looks to Juliet and asks if she does, in fact, plan on punishing Davis. Ya damn skippy she does, and not in a way that’s going to be fun for him. Dr. Melfi is curious about Juliet’s anger. And then, her lack of emotion. Also, has Juliet considered her husband just needs her attention? Dear God, is Davis banging her, too?

Does one person in couples therapy always feel like the therapist is favoring your partner? Discuss.

Ice queen — Later that afternoon, the girls meet at an espresso bar to catch up on what’s happened in the 16 hours they’ve been away from each other. Juliet asks her friends if she’s an "ice queen," as Davis puts it. They all chime in at once: "No. No! No … A little." The last one being Lucy Liu, of course.

Each woman has her own unique perspective. Mia thinks if the marriage is crap, pinch it off. Zoe thinks she should work on her marriage, because she knows she couldn’t just break it like a bad habit. Mia says calmly: "That’s not something you have to face. If anyone would cheat, it would be you." I heart Lucy.

Scandalized, the girls gasp into their latte foam. Caitlin giggles a little. Mia explains it’s because Zoe is such an awesome catch. It’s a compliment! Zoe laughs with relief and pulls a Ziploc baggie containing a stack of letter-sized paper from her purse.

A woman’s purse. You never know what’s in there.

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