“Candy Bar Girls” recap: Episode 6

Alex’s mum has arrived in London from Australia. She is thrilled by the sight of a double decker bus — each time she witnesses one go by.

Alex’s mum: I’ve got to go on the double decker one. I’ve got to go on it.

After the excitement of seeing several buses Alex and her mum have lunch and Alex’s mum expresses her delight with Alex and girlfriend Sam’s engagement.

Alex’s mum: They have their tiffs, but don’t we all, but they probably have fun making up so it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Alex shows her mum around London. Alex’s mum is wowed by the amount of people sitting in a park and cars travelling on the road. Inside the Candy Bar she notes that the pictures she had seen don’t match up to what she is seeing now. It’s because all of the pink has been scraped from the walls.

Gary takes his staff on a bonding outing to Brighton because they’ve been working their socks off. The Candy Bar girls seem to be having a gay ole time in Brighton, drinking beer from the bottle and playing on the dodgems. Their next point of call is considering the challenge of a hair-raising ride at the edge of Brighton Pier.

Instead they drink wine and eat chips.

Sandra: Things like this really do help you bond. Seeing your workmates outside of work is really, really helpful.

Jessie D is in her flat drinking tea and talking about the pitfalls of coming out of university with no work skills, such as not being trained in how to clean a glass. She admits to being a lost lamb in the big smoke. But there is a helpful interjection in the form of Christina Novelli who offers to train Danni in how to work behind a bar.

After a few gags about heads while pouring pints and asking to watch older men drink their cider, by gum she seems to have got the size of it and Danni may have bagged herself a job down the local. She drinks a pint in celebration.


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