“Candy Bar Girls” recap: Episode 4


The next day, Natalie gets ready for her job interview and admits to having the jitters about it because she thinks she’s rubbish at them. Jessie D sits like a beacon of lesbianism in her “Legalise Gay” t-shirt on the couch and reinforces the importance of Natalie getting a job so the rent can be paid. Oh God, this storyline has now become so very tense.

Sarah: How does Danni pay the rent? Does she have a job?
Lee: She’s a pole dancer at the Candy Bar, although she never seems to be pole dancing.

At her interview with Stylist Alan in a salon in Soho, Natalie is pretty much put straight to work cutting someone’s hair. She gets off to a rocky start when she can’t work out the difference between shampoo and conditioner and fails to successfully put a robe on her client. Alan watches Natalie’s ways from a distance and rubs his facial hair in judgment. He then shimmies over to question Natalie about her cut, and tells her she’ll be contacted in a few days. At this stage of the game, Alan doesn’t seem to have a clue either. 

Alan: … she stands out from the crowd, you know. Let’s hope it’s good news for her.

Shabby is taking girlfriend Red to meet her mum in her hometown of Milton Keynes. As she steps out of the train station, her ambiguous feelings towards her hometown are confusing.

Shabby: Dude, this is what it looks like. I f–king hate it.

Shabby makes it known she’s not like her family. Shabby is a non-conformist, hat-wearing seeker of philosophical ideals and her mum was a hairdresser and her stepdad was a plumber. 

Whilst Shabby’s mum makes canapés and talks about her daughter’s loyalties as a friend, Shabby drinks beer straight from the can and shows Red her childhood photos. 

Lee: Gary would hate the way she’s drinking that beer

Shabby’s mum admits to hearing about her daughter’s climb into the Sapphic pond from chatter amongst the village folk. Rebellious Shabby sits on her chair back to front and eats her mum’s canapés. Red may have had too much beer.

Red: I really, really, really love her mum. Like, we’ve got a lot in common.

Back at The Candy Bar, Sam is very angry about finding the bar in absolute disarray.

Sam: I’ve noticed the alarm wasn’t on from last night, the jukebox was left on and the main TV was left on and that’s just the main level. I haven’t even been downstairs yet.

Sarah: Well, God only knows what she might find on the other levels.
Lee: At this rate there could well be — yes, those downstairs lights were left on also.

Thankfully Sam has called a meeting with her two bar supervisors, Alex and Lee Lee, to sort out the madness at Candy Bar. Alex arrives with about as much enthusiasm as she would on being told she had to eat some Brie and a complementary glass of wine, but Lee Lee is nowhere to be seen as she has forgotten that that the meeting was even taking place. Sam has a face of much concern.

She decides to throw down the gauntlet and have a meeting with just Alex. It would be an understatement to say that Alex couldn’t give a toss when Sam brings up the fact that the lights were left on and that customer complaints have been made about the service at the bar. 

Lee: I’ve just read that sentence back and I can’t believe it’s actually a storyline on a TV show.
Sarah: Lights being left on is actually a really relevant issue in society, Lee.

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