Brittany and Santana’s 7 most swoon-worthy moments



It’s been almost a full year since Santana and Brittany performed “Landslide” with Gwyneth, and frankly we still can’t watch the clip without getting choked up. We were sure it was Brittany who was in unrequited love with Santana, but it turns out it was Santana who’d built her life around Brittany.

Hurt Locker/Shirt Locker

Hurt Locker is the moment that split time in half. Suddenly there was “before Naya Rivera was our God” and “now that Naya Rivera is our God.” Santana’s confession that she was in love with Brittany, and Brittany’s ridiculous decision not to DUMP ARTIE ON THE SPOT broke our hearts and also our brains. But then, how could we stay mad at Brittany when she made Santana that famous “Lebanese” shirt and encouraged her to love herself as much as Brittany loved her.

“Lord Tubbington thinks you are Purrrrfect. and so do I.”

After two seasons of are-we/aren’t-we, Santana finally asked for clarification about her relationship with Brittany. Brittany was like, “Dinner dates and bubble baths mean we’re dating, right?” And so they officially became official — and held hands under a napkin.

“Love is love, man.”

The God Squad dropped a truth bomb — God isn’t mad at anyone for being gay — before serenading Brittany with a “Cherish/Cherish” mashup. And then Brittany and Santana kissed — really, really kissed. And it was everything we hoped for and more.

It was nearly impossible to narrow down this list. So tell us: What do you you think is Brittany and Santana’s most swoon-worthy moment?

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