Brittana, Dianna and more! Photos from the 100th episode of “Glee”

Glee fans, you’ve made it through 99 episodes of the Fox show, and now they are gifting you with something special for number 100. It’s Brittana, back together again, and Quinn making her return to Lima, Ohio. Fox has released some photos from the episode, airing next Tuesday, March 11, and you can start to put together what’s going on in each scene for yourselves.

100GLEE_Ep512-Sc35_034 100GLEE_Ep512-Sc8_003 100GLEE_Ep512-Sc23_055 100GLEE_Ep512-Sc8_051 100GLEE_Ep512-Sc8_064 100Unknown-1 100GLEE_Ep512-Sc11_045 100GLEE_Ep512-Sc14_022

Last week the cast also celebrated with a cake, some colorful slushies and a big party. Creator Ryan Murphy joined in the fun.

PG1_0753A PG1_0770c PG1_0851

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