An Alternative School Reading List: Here Is Every YA Novel With Lesbians


My Best Friend, Maybe, Caela Carter (2014)
When Colette’s old best friend Sadie asks her to join her family on a trip to Greece for the summer, Colette obviously agrees. But soon, Colette will discover that this isn’t just a fun vacation, and that Sadie has been keeping secrets for a long time.

To be released:
No One Needs to Know, Amanda Grace (September 2014)
When Olivia starts to investigate the women behind her brother’s recent flings, she “meets her match in Zoey.” She’s then confronted with the awkward situation of being in love with the same person as her brother.

Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel, Sara Farizan (October 2014)
Leila’s Persian heritage already makes her stand out from her high school classmates, so she’s hidden her lesbianism, too, in order to survive as quietly as she can. But the act becomes hard to keep up once Saskia arrives on the scene.

Unspeakable, Abbie Rushton (February 2015)
Megan hasn’t spoken in months. But the bubbly, talkative new girl at school, Jasmine, might just be the key to breaking Megan’s silence.


Now, hit me. What did I miss? You know I missed some! Add your titles in the comments and we can really make this a Master Lesbian YA List to End All Lesbian YA Lists. We can do it!

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