“Bomb Girls” recap (2.8): A Bomb in Gilead

Back on the bridge of doom, Agent Cliff reveals that he is a spy of some kind and so is the red-headed lady. They are both spies. For us. And they want Gladys to be a spy too. Like an honest-to-goodness, decoder ring, poison tip umbrella, wait for your instructions, SPY. It is the most perfect plot twist since Rosebud was a sled. It doesn’t hurt that privileged girls with perfect hair being recruited into espionage is kind of my thing and I wrote a book about it.

Back at the Corbett residence, Sheila does that thing where she says something amazing and I hate that she’s not a bigger character.

Lorna: You can’t be with Dr. Patel. He’ll never marry you.
Sheila: I don’t even subscribe to the patriarchal institution of marriage. All that matters is that he is a kind man with BEAUTIFUL HAIR.
Lorna: How could you have changed so much overnight?
Sheila: I’ve been changing for months! I just wasn’t in the past couple episodes.

She storms out and, rather, than considering her judgments, Lorna invites Reggie to move in and replace her. p.s. nice personality transplant Reggie.

The next day, Betty goes into work with her face still black and blue, unsure if Lorna will order her off the floor. As she passes the other workers, the whispers follow her, along with a shout of “who’d ya try and kiss?”

Sure enough, Lorna strides up to her and delivers the following speech, loud enough for all to hear:

Lorna: It is despicable. Here we have decent, hard-working women, giving their all for the war effort. And yet they can’t walk this city’s streets without interference from good for nothing layabouts. It’s a disgrace. I hope, on behalf of all of us, that you gave those beggars every bit as good as you got.


And then Lorna claps and everyone claps and for a moment, nothing hurts.

So who’s with me: best episode ever? I know this was a long recap, so thanks for bearing with me. Now I’m going to faint or cry or just gaze at the ceiling in an ecstasy of love for this show. And most importantly, I’m going to see you all (and Rosie O’Donnell!) next week.

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