“Bomb Girls” recap (2.8): A Bomb in Gilead


In her own way, Lorna is also at loose ends without a mission or, in her case, a nemesis. Now that Bob is on vacay, she has no one to plot against. But wait! The long-forgotten Sheila reappears while on break from the hospital, so perhaps there is some trouble to be made after all.

But seriously, this is heartbreaking.

At the factory, Lorna is quick to enlist the women to come help her stalk Sheila at work. Betty declines, because she has her own soldier to tend to, but Kate eagerly volunteers, since Ivan is busy and this looks like her best shot at a storyline this week.

My eyes did so much wandering in this scene, I was forced to slap myself right across the face.

Out on the floor, Gladys spies the mysterious redhead from last night, but this girl pretends not to know her, an act of such boldness that even Gladface is momentarily thrown off guard.

Um did that chick really just gaslight me?

When she goes to Snaky Akins’ office to investigate further, he introduces Helo as Clifford Perry, the new head of security. I don’t know that he’s super cut out for the job, since when the mysterious redhead goes missing he just eyebrow waggles at Gladys. Clearly this man doesn’t know how things are done around here.

At the hospital, Kate is doing her best to channel Florence Nightingale. Now, Kate has been the one getting most of the nursing this season, which is understandable; she’s been through a lot. But at this point, I think becoming a healer herself is the best thing that could happen to her character. She listens to a first-hand account of the senseless slaughter at Dieppe, and, as always, the show does a perfect job of humanizing soldiers and never, ever glorifying violence. More on that later. Anyway, it was bit traumatizing for poor Kate, who next tries to lavish her attention on a totally mute, but equally shell-shocked, soldier.

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