“Bomb Girls” recap (2.12): A residual belch of moxie.


Kate takes her newly-bought freedom and goes straight to Ivan, who thinks he is having an asthma attack, but really is just feeling the blowback of Kate’s Slytherin powers a la Aunt Marge. By the way, the asthma cigarettes he’s smoking were a real thing and a first-rate historical detail to include, in addition to making him seem like more of an imbecile. Kate promises to skip town with him as soon as possible, but Ivan has had about all he can take of this shit, and tells her that the wedding is off. Kate is so upset that she frowns about it for, like, five whole seconds. Hm. I wonder where she’ll go next.

When Gladys shows up at the Jewel Box, she discovers that the mysterious giver of dresses is Marco.

Marco: Look, I know I can be a massive tool. But I know your favorite color, and your favorite food, and girl, I would order it from Zanzibar.

What can I say? I wish those kids the best.

When Kate returns to the boarding house, she crawls right back into Betty’s bed, for a season one style heart to heart.

Kate: So Ivan hates me now.
Betty: Huge loss there.
Kate: But seriously, I suck.
Betty: Hush. You’re a Slytherin, not a murderer. Anyway none of this would have happened if I hadn’t made you stay.
Kate: Oh sweetie, you couldn’t make me do anything, but I will let you think that if it makes you feel better.

And Kate tells Betty that she could never have imagined the life she’s had at Vic Mu, with a “man who was good to me and a friend who loved me.” And they hold hands and cry a little for what was, and for how wrong it all turned out.

Meanwhile, at the Hedley, Clifford offers Gladys a full-time spy job, after receiving training at the Greater Toronto School of Accents and Bomb Handling. That alone is enough to make me fight for a season three.

The next morning, Kate resolves to come clean about her role in Vernon’s death, but before she can, she receives the most heartbreaking note of all time.

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