“Bomb Girls” recap (2.12): A residual belch of moxie.

Tragically, not everyone is blessed with Vera’s good judgment and Gladys, for all her moxie, has one kryptonite: emotionally damaged men. There was the terrified soldier from the series premiere, shell-shocked Eugene, and poor old James or Whatever. So when Cliff starts talking about the secret sadness of his heart, she melts faster than a polar ice cap. The thing I dig least about this scene is the way Clifford rips her dress, because that’s the second time this episode there has been the implied threat of sexual violence coming from this guy.

Well look who’s a surprise femme top.

OK, enough with the heterosexual sex; let’s get to the core of the episode. Kate and Betty are arrested by the detective, even though every character is assures him that the world is a better place sans Vernon Rowley. But there’s nothing harder to fight than a bastard with a preconceived narrative (see: conservative talk radio). The actual dialogue:

Betty: What kind of monsters do you think we are?
Bastard: Women hold our moral center. Only what’s been asked of you in this war is stripping all of that away.

Both Betty and Kate assert that he can’t prove a thing, but who needs proof when you’ve got prejudice?

When Lorna hears of their arrest, she rushes to the factory to fetch Gladys, because it’s going to take both cunning and conviction to free our girls. What it really ends up taking, though, is $14,000 of Gladys’ money to release Kate and Betty on bail.

My name is Gladys Witham-Hastings and this is my business hat.

p.s. Do y’all really have to call judges “your worship” in Canada?

Afterwards, Gladys vows to fight for Betty (and is noticeably cool towards Kate, who got everyone into this mess with her dumb wedding announcement), but Betty has no desire to be a burden on her friends. She rushes off with the unforgettable line, “Princess, I can’t owe you more.” Which pretty much perfectly sums up how I feel about Betty.

Back at the factory offices, Vera receives a package containing a dress in her favorite color (coral, because nobody is perfect). The note attached requests her presence at the Jewel Box that night. Carol gives Vera her usual snark, but Vera just gently shushes her and at last, the two arrive at an understanding. Carol smiles like we have never seen her smile before and it’s clear that all she ever wanted was to be like Vera. It is the only storyline I feel is adequately resolved.

And like, if someone needed kissing lessons, would you be available? Asking for a friend.

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