“Bomb Girls” recap (2.12): A residual belch of moxie.

Also struggling with secrets is Kate, who blurts out a whole passel of ‘em to Ivan, who screws up his face and tries his bestest to understand.

Kate: So real quick, couple things: my mom’s alive, my name is not Kate, my dad was a psycho, I’m wanted for his murder, and that thing last night was a hiccup, not an orgasm.


Kate gets hauled in for questioning by Snaky Akins, who always seems to take genuine pleasure in being the bearer of bad news. The detective, who has one of those super scary cop faces, tries to rattle her cage, but Kate maintains her composure admirably. But the “dad died miserable and alone” story is destroyed by the revelation that he was found wrapped under a tarp. I have a bruise on my forehead from how hard I facepalmed at this, especially because at the time I was so proud of Betty and Kate for doing a pretty good manslaughter.

When Lorna comes in she learns that a. the detective is a misogynist, and b. Kate is really Marion Rowley, the victim of “deviant freak advances.”

Elsewhere, Vera meets a wee, elfin little soldier whose brother she devirginized as part of her Mission From God. Marco sees her chatting with him and gets jealous.

Marco: Come on Vera, the fascism thing was just a phase. When you gonna let me back in your maple leaf?
Vera: Probably when you make an actual effort.
Marco: Well how about tonight? I’ll roll up drunk at midnight and we can get our makeup sex on.
Vera: Yeah, no.
Marco: Fine! Go back to your endless parade of adoring soldiers.
Vera: Great idea. Thanks for the tip.

And that is how to suck at reverse psychology.

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