“Bomb Girls” recap (1.5): Stop Being Polite

Okay, now for the fun stuff.  Over at the boarding house, Betty, Gladys, and Kate are getting drunk on champagne and helping Gladys write dirty letters to Louis. Gladys is all “champagne has a terrible reputation for giving girls terrible reputations.” 

Just wait ‘til you discover tequila.

Betty is so emboldened by all this bonding that she suggests a trip to the rough side of Toronto, which apparently exists, to see Leon’s band play. You can tell it’s a rowdy club because there are red light bulbs and more than two black people. There’s even a lady who bears a passing resemblance to Heather Peace, with whom Betty shares a dyke nod that belongs in the lesbian Olympics.

Kate approaches Leon all starry-eyed and he introduces her to the band.  Oh, Leon. Leon, Leon, Leon. The time has come that I induct you into a different sort of band. I call them The Second Fiddles. They are the nice men who crop up in lesbian storylines to provide a heterosexual alternative to the women.

On guitar: Heck, from Imagine Me & You

Tough break, mate.

Our Swedish synth-master, Tim from Kyss Mig


And Nate from Pretty Little Liars was our drummer, but you know, we killed him.

We want the best for you Leon, we really do.  Well, the second best, since Kate is the best and we want Kate for Betty.

Anyway, Betty watches this scene with a rising fear that she is losing Kate to the big bad world. She’s so worried that the next day she tries to convince Kate that she should give up her dream of singing, but Kate responds with the first real show of fire we’ve seen from this redhead all season and says “I’ve found something I love. I don’t care if I fall on my face.” And that’s basically Betty’s motto when it comes to Kate, so she’s forced to understand.

The next day, Archie has taken a turn for the worst and developed sepsis, which is a very grim diagnosis. He’s losing the battle and in agony, so Vera ends his pain by feeding him her own  pills. As he swallows the last few, she gives him the same speech Lorna gave for her when she was hurt: that they are all soldiers. It’s sad when Archie dies, even though we never really got to know him, but the silver lining is that now Vera isn’t sitting on her own suicide stash.

In other news, Lorna makes her speech at the factory, which in some measure repairs her relationship with Bob, and inspires her to end things with poor old Marco. Also, James confronts Gladys about Louis’ letter and breaks off their engagement, but I know it won’t last because nothing that good ever does.

Betty returns to the nightclub to apologize to Kate and support her as she takes the stage for the first time. Kate sings right at Betty, pointing at her and everything, and her heart bursts and my heart bursts and your heart bursts.

Kate’s birthday is coming up. Can we all pitch in and get her A CLUE?

Gladys comes to James’ apartment to beg forgiveness and also point out that he is being a tad hypocritical, since he did sleep with Hazel. He bows to the weight of her superior logic and they finally have sex, which I’m sure is fine or whatever.

The next morning the two of them seem to be in a Cialis commercial, and James tells Gladys to keep letting Louis believe in their betrothal until the war is over, which I have a feeling is going to have serious repercussions next season.

Just one question, my sweet: when I asked you to say my name last night, why did you call me Betty?

Speaking of next season, I’ve seen a lot of you asking about it, and it is not only happening but a whopping twelve episodes long. Next up is the finale and even thinking about it gives me a major case of The Feelings, so I’m signing off.

See you next week.

Big thanks to Klytaemnestra, who made the dyke nod gif for me.

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