“Bomb Girls” recap (1.3): “To Catch a Thief”

Down in storage, it wouldn’t be Bomb Girls without a Horrific Workplace (almost) Tragedy. I guess I should include a trigger warning here, since the creepy guy from lunch comes up and tries to rape Kate. It’s every bit as upsetting and scary as it should be, because this show can be serious when it wants to. She is saved by Leon Riley, who was the actual singer in the darkness and the first male character on this show I genuinely like.

Out in regular non-nightmare Canada, Lorna journeys to Marco’s house to deliver his last paycheck. While there she’s roped into eating spaghetti with his mother, who has a personality every bit as strong as Lorna’s, which if you ask me, explains a lot of Marco’s attraction to her. That night, Betty and Kate are doing that thing where they sit on the bed and I squeal over all the dialogue, when Gladys bursts in, justice on her mind. She wants to go to Hazel’s apartment and bust her with the stolen scarf and perfume. Kate suggests that going sleuthing “beats a quiet night in” and then Betty’s face does this:

“Beats a quiet night in!? Have you even been reading the Lesbian Handbook I gave you?”

Back to Villa Moretti, Lorna has finally met her match in the form of spaghetti, which to be fair is still a food I try not to eat in front of people, even after years of practice. The wine is loosening her up a great deal because she starts talking about the virtues of “Italian seeds in Canadian soil” and it’s clear this pairing is ON.

This is the part where I don’t make a joke about Italian Sausage and Canadian bacon because I am an adult now.

Much as I enjoy giving him grief, I’m so glad that Marco is humanized in this episode, because I would much rather love-hate him than just hate-hate him. He really wins me over when he talks about being rejected from the army because he would “compromise troop cohesion,” a phrase gay servicemen and women are all too familiar with. But then, lest the pendulum swing too far in the direction of liking Marco, he leans in to Lorna and tells her that her heart is “tapping out a secret code” thus marking the return of Signor Smarmy.

Outside Hazel’s apartment “Inspector” Gladys, “Bruiser” Betty and “Still a Baby Deer” Kate, are all set to ransack Hazel, when they spy her getting her heart broken by a cad, a bounder, a … James?

Rather than confront him, though, Gladys opts to do some girl-on-girl dancing at the boarding house. I would think I was making this up if there weren’t pictures.

Apparently the best place to pick up chicks is World War II.

Two things about this last scene: 1) Bomb Girls benefits so much when they use actual Billie Holiday music rather than “A Shivering Goat Bleats the Classics.” Could we possibly take a little money from Edith’s hair extensions and invest it in music rights? (Just kidding, Edith’s hair is half of why I watch this show). And 2) This wasn’t a particularly Betty-heavy episode, but Ali Liebert still managed to steal every scene like she was Lorna with some unattended papers.

As AE member (and internet BFF) Klytaemnestra commented last week, “Ali Liebert makes me believe her feels are the realest truest emoest feels to have ever felt.” Which: YES. There’s something so authentic in her body language that I don’t know I’ve ever seen from a straight actor before. The awkwardness, the tough-girl routine, the loyalty: it’s me and it’s women I know and I didn’t even realize how much I was missing it until Ms. Liebert came along and showed me.

In short: I’m hooked and so are you.

See you next week.

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