“Black Sails” recap (1.07): Resurrection

On Blackbeard’s island, a bunch of men who look like Lost Boy rejects gather to be handed over to Vane. Blackbeard sees the brand on Vane’s chest and says that it couldn’t have been easy for Vane to come back after all this time, and leaves Vane to his quest. However, he stops when he overhears Vane turning to his new crew and telling them that they can be set free.

This does not please Blackbeard, so they fight it out. Eventually, Blackbeard bests Vane and tells him he’s proud of him before smashing in his face and burying him in a shallow grave.

The whole business with Silver and Randall goes on throughout the episode, but it’s sort of unnecessary, because it ends with Randall rescinding his accusation and Silver promising to keep an eye on Randall if they let him back on the Walrus.

One of the captains, Ornegold, the one who once told Mr. Scott to get control of Eleanor, is finally realizing (and possibly accepting) that Eleanor is queen of Nassau. He says, and I quote, “Truth is there is no controlling there, is there?” Took you long enough, sir.

Crazy Captain Flint goes to Mrs. Barlow’s and starts storming around, but she tells him Mr. Guthrie isn’t there. He went to Underhill’s estate for sanctuary (and hopefully a new wig). They fight about the letter she sent and all the trouble it’s caused, but she just wanted him to see that there’s a way out. They then have a vague argument about things “they” took from them in the first place. But Flint won’t let England win. He wants to GET the apology, not the other way around.

Mr. Scott returns to Eleanor’s office to hear what she has decided about the favor he asked of her – which was to free the slaves they had found on the Andromache. She tells him that she can’t afford to buy the slaves’ release outright, BUT – the able-bodied men will go with Captain Lawrence and the six women left will be under her employ.


Eleanor tells Scott that she isn’t blind to Flint, that she is supporting him but doesn’t blindly trust him. She’ll be careful. Scott then is like, er, this is awkward, but Ornegold offered me a spot on his crew. Her reaction is immediate and visceral, and she obviously feels quite betrayed.

In the brothel, Mustachio Jack fires a prostitute, but she starts crying. He tries to play it tough and tell her that tears won’t change his mind, but he starts to waver. Luckily, they’re interrupted by another prostitute who puts five pieces down on the table. Max appears behind her and calls her out on the fact that she knows she was just “mothering” (which…EW) and that they always charge 20 pieces for that. The prostitute swears it was just a tug and Max slaps her in her lying face. She tells her to confess and hope Rackham is more forgiving than Noonan.

The prostitute puts the rest of the money on the table and swears it will never happen again. Max leans in real close to Mustachio Jack and says, “Get your fucking house in order.”

Black Sails 107-6

In the Tavern, Eleanor is cleaning up, much like she was doing in the pilot episode (there were a lot of call-backs to earlier episodes in this episode, and I liked it a lot), when she sees Flint drunk off his ass. She asks if it’s such a wise idea, considering the journey he has to embark on soon. He’s feeling mopey and wonders if they’re crazy, taking a risk like this. Eleanor says, “The outcome is only uncertain for those who disbelieve” like the magical angel of hope that she is.

Black Sails 107-7

She tells him she believes in him and he gets really, really close to her face. I hold my breath and fear the worst, but then he just kisses her forehead THANK GOD.

On the Walrus, Silver and Randall are peeling potatoes (another call-back) and Silver tells Randall he doesn’t think he’s a half-wit at all. He thinks maybe he’s way smarter than he lets on. Randall farts in response. Classy.

Gates and Dufresne have a drink at the Tavern, and talk about their plans to kill Flint as soon as they have the money from the Urca de Lima. Dufresne and his two best friends, like Gates, can forgive a lot, but they can’t forgive the wrongful death of Billy. They would do anything for gold, but they won’t do that.

Across the island, Vane wakes up and claws his way out of his grave like a regular Alison DiLaurentis. Fueled by the promise of defeating Eleanor, he stumbles to the campfire and stakes Blackbeard right in the back.

He stands over Blackbeard’s dead body, naked, filthy, and resurrected.

What did you think of “VII”? What are you predicting/hoping/wishing will happen next week, in the season finale? Will Eleanor and Max ever interact again?

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