“Black Sails” recap (1.05): Eleanor Guthrie vs. The World

The Rapist, Hamund (who I am naming because I don’t like writing/reading the word “rapist” over and over, not because he earned it—and he certainly doesn’t deserve to get a fun nickname) tells Mustachio Jack to find them a ship. MJ says they should lay low for a while, so Hamund turns to Vane, since he IS the captain and all. Vane doesn’t say anything and just skulks off upstairs.

When they’re gone, LadyPirate helpfully suggests killing Hamund, but Mustachio Jack says their crew is small enough as it is, they can’t afford to off someone. He tells LadyPirate to have the nurse of the inn tend to the “whore on the beach” and LadyPirate gives him some EPIC eye-roll and storms off.

Black Sails 105-4

When LadyPirate goes off to the beach with the nurse and finds Max, she’s still chained, despite having chosen to be there. Then the nurse starts doing something horrible to Max that might as well have involved a wire hanger. Max is in obvious pain, and LadyPirate doesn’t seem all that unfamiliar with this form of Plan B, so she sends the nurse away and takes over. She uses more lotion and is surprisingly gentle and kind.

She asks Max why she didn’t leave when she could have. She tells her, from what sounds like might also be experience, “If you take it, they’ll give it.”

Max’s expression is cold and she asks LadyPirate why she even cares; she was the one who turned Max over to the crew in the first place.

Black Sails 105-5

LadyPirate simply says that she had just hoped they’d kill her. Which is sort of sweet, in her own twisted way. She wouldn’t have wished this fate on anyone, and is maybe even feeling guilty about landing Max in this situation. Keep this up, LadyPirate, and I might just have to start calling you Anne Bonny.

In Eleanor’s office, a still-handcuffed Silver is giving unsolicited advice, telling Eleanor to be more aware of the mob outside. Hamund tries to go inside to confront Eleanor himself, and Eleanor grits her teeth and inches toward him. He lunges, and she flinches, but then she decides to take the high road and starts to head upstairs. Hamund mentions Eleanor’s “friend on the beach” and calls him “resilient” and Eleanor stops and stares with tears of hatred in her eyes. I really hope her and LadyPirate team up to free Max so the three of them can kill him so dead.

On the Walrus (I somehow missed that was the name of Flint’s ship until this episode…not the MOST intimidating name…), Billy gives a coach’s pep talk to the crew. Their plan of attack isn’t a normal one, and the crew is hesitant, but Billy does his best to assure them it will be fine.

The nerdy accountant—you know the one, he looks like the lovechild of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley — is given a gun. Dufresne (that’s a name, not a keyboard smash) tells Billy he’s not a fighter, he’s a numbers guy, but Billy can’t get him out of it — everyone fights this time.

Back at the brothel, Vane is brooding in the dark when a prostitute comes in with water and rags, saying she was sent by Mustachio Jack.

Black Sails 105-6 Looks like it’s boobs o’clock in Nassau.

She was told to not take no for an answer, but while she tends to his wounds, they bond over their hatred for Eleanor. Vane says Eleanor is strong and the prostitute asks him if he’s strong enough to beat her. Vane says it’s time he found out and there’s no way this ends well for anyone.

Out at sea, the Walrus attacks the Andromache. Billy gives the accountant a final push of encouragement, promising you can’t die your first time (which is about as logical as “you can’t get pregnant your first time”).

The fighting begins, and we it through Dufresne’s eyes, all chaos and confusion. He almost immediately is spattered with blood of men in his own crew, he gets shot at by a gun that thankfully malfunctions, and makes his first kill by VAMPIRING OUT A MAN’S JUGULAR. It’s insanity. After the fighting is done, Billy finds him in a heap of bodies, covered in blood that’s not his own.

At Eleanor’s meeting, she basically says, “Fuck. This. Shit.” She says she’s taking over — everything will get back to the way it was, with one important change — no more Mr. Guthrie. One man calls her mad, because they’re hunters, but she promises a higher profit. Eventually, they agree, some reluctantly, some enthusiastically.

However, there’s a caveat. The deal will only go through if she lifts the ban on Vane and his crew. One man says the ban makes her look young and rash (YOU PRONOUNCED “FIERCELY LOYAL” AND “A DECENT HUMAN BEING” WRONG, SIR) and that she needs to lift it to prove she’s trustworthy. She stands her ground even though he says he’ll make her boss. He says she has until dark to “come to her senses.”

Silver, still issuing advice he wasn’t asked for, agrees that Eleanor should lift the ban. But Eleanor can’t, for Max’s sake. Silver tries to argue some more, but Eleanor finally lets out what’s holding her back. She says, “Convince me I should betray her a second time, because that’s what it feels like I would be doing.” (Here, you can borrow my hanky.)

Silver assures her that her guilt is natural but that making her choices based on Max’s is not OK, and gives her too much power over her life. He says feelings go OK, but losing her life’s work won’t.

Eleanor looks conflicted.


Once Flint’s crew is aboard the Andromache, with the first line of sailors down for the count, they suspect something suspicious is afoot. They haven’t seen the captain, and it feels a lot like a trap.

That’s when we find out that Mr. Guthrie had arranged for Mr. Scott to be on the ship, being held a slave, and forced to witness a random murder.

Topside, Flint goes into full CSI: Seven Seas mode while Dufresne and Billy flirt a little over some inventory. Billy finds a letter from Miranda Barlow on board, but secretly pockets it. Suddenly, one of the slaves is let loose on the deck, and asks a Flint. He has a message: Scarborough is on their way. That’s when he reveals his bomb. Billy’s quick as a whip, though, and shoots him before he can toss it, so the bomb only kills him, and none of Flint’s crew.

What did you think of “V”? Do you think Anne Bonny and Max could team up to overpower Vane and his crew? How many times did you just want to hug Eleanor in this episode alone?

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