“Black Sails” recap (1.01): Ship in the Harbor

Captain Flint’s First Mate asks Guthrey for money to help Flint get some more support so he doesn’t get ousted as captain. Guthrie’s advisor says it’s a terrible idea, but Guthrey herself agrees to the loan anyway. Guthrie’s man tells her that her father would not approve, and she says it’s a good thing her father isn’t here. A daddy’s girl, she is not.

Speaking of Master Guthrey, Captain Flint is off to visit the man… who is less than pleased to see him.

John Silver wakes up from his post-brothel haze and finds one of the prostitutes with his missing page. She says he was distracted by it even while having five prostitutes at once, so she knows it must be important. She tries to blackmail him into half of whatever it’s worth, but finally he admits he doesn’t even know what it’s worth.

Black Sails 101-6Hi, hello. I like your face. 

Silver and the prostitute sneak out to the ship to find the book the page goes to.

Meanwhile, Captain Flint tells Master Guthrey the plan they’ve been shadily referring to all day – one of his spies overheard a sailor telling an English merchant about a Spanish ship that holds $5 million worth of treasure. That English merchant is the one Flint and his crew just raided, and found the story written in his Captain’s Log, which is how he knew it to be true (and why he needed the missing page). What Flint needs from Guthrie is an introduction to a man in Havana who can help him figure out the schedule without the page. Guthrey basically laughs in his face.

Billy tries to keep the Captain from breaking all Guthrie’s fingers, but they’re interrupted by Captain Hume who is a big fan of gossip and shame. He tells Guthrey there’s a rumor that his business operates by way of pirates and moves to take the three men into custody.

Guthrey is shot while they’re trying to get away. xoxo Captain Gossip.

Scar approaches a group of sailors to try to win back some of the votes the First Mate had stolen for Captain Flint, but they were interrupted, this time by someone named Captain Vane. Who has a scary-ass ladypirate with him.

Black Sails 101-7

A randy ladypirate at that.

Eleanor Guthrie doesn’t take well to random slaughter, so when she catches wise, she punches Captain Vane in the face, who returns her the favor. Once they’re in private, she tells him to make it right, and to stop taking on Captain Flint, their highest earner. Captain Vane points out that Flint isn’t the highest earner anymore, and that the future is his. He also says that if she ever challenges him in front of his crew again (which might only consist of Moustache and Ladypirate?) He may forget he loved her once. It’s okay, Eleanor, you can do better.

Down in the pub, Silver and his prostitute-in-crime are talking strategy when they see Eleanor come down, looking upset. The prostitute goes to her immediately, takes her by the hand, and leads her into a bedroom.

She asks Eleanor who punched her, but knows it’s Vane before the question is even out. She gently tends to Eleanor’s bruise, then straddles her. She tells Eleanor she should have come to her as soon as the waters got choppy, because “Max is your harbor.”

Black Sails 101-8I will not make an inappropriate ship/harbor joke here. Oh, wait…

Eleanor confesses that it feels like everything is falling apart, becoming out of her control, but Max tells her to stop worrying about the worst. Max…”comforts” her. She tells her that “the world is so full of surprises.”

Black Sails 101-9The fact that this was not their first voyage together was a surprise to me.

Flint and Billy go off to sea to get rid of Guthrie’s body, on an open rowboat, in broad daylight, right next to their ship.

Billy is sick of all the lying, but Captain Flint says there’s a war coming, that pirates are going to be hunted, that they have to stick together. He also gets crazy-eyes and declares himself king. Surely that won’t go to his head almost immediately.

On their ship, Scar has called for a vote on who should be captain. Flint apologizes to his crew, and admits the truth about their real goals. He accuses Scar of stealing the missing page, and they swordfight.

Unsurprisingly to anyone who has ever seen a television show, Captain Flint wins the fight. He hands Billy a blank piece of paper, and after a moment of consideration, claims to all that it’s the missing page. (Silver checks, he still has the real page, and now has the distinct advantage of knowing the Captain and Billy are lying, even though they don’t KNOW he knows.)

Captain Flint gives an inspirational speech to his men, covered in blood, and they all cheer mightily.

Back on the island, answering a knock on the door, Max sneaks out of the room, leaving a naked Eleanor behind.

Black Sails 101-10

Once downstairs, Max sits the lap of one of Captain Vane’s men (Moustache) and says she has something he might want to buy.

What did you think of Black Sails? Are you as enamored with Eleanor Guthrie as I am?

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