Bianca Casady Does It Herself

As a record label owner, Bianca releases albums by queer artists such as Bunny Rabbit, a queer hip-hop artist whose tracks are produced by her partner, Black Cracker. Also on the label is out guitarist-vocalist Diane Cluck and a new artist whom Bianca describes as a "boy/man" named Quinn Walker, who is "very special" and reminds her of her brothers — "imperfect and lovable."

Generally, there is not much rhyme or reason to her label decisions. "It happens on a whim, very intuitively," Bianca said.

But Bianca is very aware of artists’ rights to creative control, which is something she said CocoRosie has luckily never had to worry about with Touch and Go. "They never had the chance to take any creative control away, nor did they ever try," she said. "They are amazing in this right, and [it's] the fundamental reason for working with them."

Even those who might not be a fan of CocoRosie’s esoteric pop can appreciate the cinematic art of their videos, such as the one for latest single, "Rainbowarriors." Bianca is decked out in drag as a soldier, a juxtaposition to her soft sing-song vocals. A former model, Bianca said she loves being in front of a camera.

CocoRosie’s video for "Rainbowarriors":

"There is an art to it," she said. "I met one of my best friends modeling — her name is Anka, a crazy artist that showed me that it can be very creative. It’s acting!"

Bianca said, however, that modeling was also "painful." "It’s a real hooker business," she said. "We need shelters for young models who are getting taken advantage [of] by everyone in the industry. It’s modern slavery in terms of a never-ending system that the only way out is to quit. This goes for everyone that isn’t at the very top."

She also admitted, however, that modeling is self-explorative: "I discovered so much about myself."

As a woman with such strong opinions and unusual ideas, it’s hard to believe Bianca could slip by unnoticed — especially sporting her rattail, faux mustache and colorful makeup. It could be that her eccentricity is chalked up to her being an artist and sometimes an expatriate, but Bianca — and CocoRosie — are not only about being, well, queer.

There’s something in their lyrics that hint at just being who you are, no matter what that might make other people think: "If you look hard you can find a Rainbow trail/It’s deep inside you/Fear not you’re a rainbowarrior."

For more on Bianca Casady and CocoRosie, visit the band’s official website, MySpace or Bianca’s website.

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