Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 5, 2008)


POWER UP’s Stacy Codikow has co-produced a series of celebrity-driven PSAs designed to convince California voters to support gay marriage by voting against Proposition 8 in November (which, if passed, would amend the state constitution to limit marriage to heterosexual couples only).

The PSAs will be rolling out throughout September, and the first one includes Jillian Armenante (Judging Amy) and her wife Alice Dodd, and Heather Matarazzo (Exes & Ohs) and her new fiancee Carolyn Murphy, as well as several straight allies like Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy), Amy Brenneman (Private Practice) and Melonie Diaz (Itty Bitty Titty Committee).

Watch it here:

Cool idea for a PSA, and it’s nice to see Christine Lahti again (anyone else miss Jack & Bobby?).

Vote against Prop 8 in November, all you Californian readers!

As Jill Bennett pointed out on a recent episode of We’re Getting Nowhere, she, Dara Nai and Karman Kregloe have logged over 40 episodes of their popular video blog. They will have done 47, in fact, by the time they’re finished vlogging the first season of The L Word at the end of this month. That’s a milestone most television shows don’t even reach!

But like network TV shows, there eventually comes a time to put away the wigs, pack up the sock puppets, and let everyone go on to do other things, and the Sept. 29 episode of We’re Getting Nowhere will be its last.

Thanks to Jill, Dara, and Karman for entertaining us all so thoroughly over the last year — they kick-started a video blog revolution on, spawned several other vlogs, improved on many a dreary TV scene with their own re-enactment of it, and made us laugh a lot along the way.

If you get lonely for the Terrible Three, you can always re-watch the episodes starting at the very beginning. And don’t worry, we’ll still be bringing you news about Jill, Dara and Karman on the regular.

In related news, Jenn and Dee will be vlogging South of Nowhere‘s final episodes on Come With Me If You Want to Live when the teen drama returns in October (sorry, Terminator fans, they decided to switch to SON for now.)

Look for more announcements about new and returning video blogs next week (all good news, I promise!).

— by Sarah Warn

In case you missed it: Leisha Hailey‘s Alice will be the star of the upcoming L Word spinoff.

House M.D.‘s Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) might actually see some lesbian romance this season.

There’s a 3-D Buffy world in the works.

Queer British rapper Mz. Fontaine has been nominated "Woman of the Year" by a European black LGBT community organization; buy tickets to the Sept. 20 awards event here.

Melissa Etheridge and Ellen DeGeneres will be among the 60 plus celebrities who will Stand Up to Cancer in a rare network multicast tonight at 8pm EST on ABC, NBC and CBS.

Laughing Matters … Next Gen — a documentary by Andrea Meyerson about new and up-and-coming LGBT comedians, including vloggers Gloria Bigelow and Bridget McManus — will debut on Logo next Tuesday, Sept. 9, and then be available to watch on next Weds.

Karman and Bridget are going to be filming an episode of You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! in Switzerland at the end of this month, and they’re tentatively planning a meet-up in Zurich on Friday, September 26th. If you’d like to help arrange the event (pretty please!) private message Karman or send us an email at

Later today on, The Gay Agenda‘s Jay and Jon take on the DNC (Jay shares her experience blogging live all week from the Convention floor) and Sarah Palin’s VP nomination, and the women of Cherry Bomb take on “fuzzy friendships.” Plus: Hanifah and Olive play Wii games on a new episode of U People, and Michelle and Becca bring us the WBNA scoop From The Cheap Seats on Saturday .

That’s it for this week! Got the inside scoop on a hot new lesbian/bi actor/musician/TV show/film? Tell us at Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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