Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 5, 2008)


Ever since executive producer Ken Mok tipped us off that there was a lesbian on Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model, we’ve been wondering which finalist it would be.

News of transgender contestant Isis was the main topic of discussion up until Wednesday’s season premiere, which introduced us to the top 14, including 19-year-old Elina, from Seattle.


Early on in the episode, Elina said she’d had relationships with women before, and also fessed up to having a crush on her blonde competitor, Clark (who looks like she’s a fan of softball, if you know what I mean). When Tyra asked the big question (“Are you a lesbian?”) Elina responded that she was a “sexual person” and likes who she likes, regardless of their gender.

OK, she’s not into labels, but she is into finding love within the competition. She admitted to the camera she came to the show not just to model, but to meet someone and promote her animal rights activism. (Tyra, perhaps you should ask her again. She was probably just nervous.)


From the looks of the season’s previews, it appears that Elina will be sticking around for a while — as well as sticking her tongue in Clark’s mouth during a game of “Truth or Dare.” If it continues past the point of Sarah and Kim‘s limo lip-lock in Cycle 5, it will be my idea of Best. America’s. Next. Top. Model. Ever.

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Uh, nothing, it’s perfect. That’s Rachel Maddow, au natural (with maybe a tad of TV make-up on to catch the light just right). Yet with the good news of the political maven getting her own show on MSNBC comes the rumors that she will be given a makeover for the camera. The New York Post reports:

A source says an entire “glam squad” has been hired for the openly gay Maddow, and she has been asked not to wear her Drew Carey-esque glasses again. There’s even talk of “putting her in a skirt.”

Note to said “glam squad”: Behind a desk, we can’t see if she’s in a skirt or wearing a pair of cargo shorts. Besides that, she happens to be an attractive woman and will be bringing in the lesbian demographic to an otherwise unattractive slot on Thursday nights (she follows Keith Olbermann, replacing Dan Abrams).

Maddow was contacted by blogger Ron Mwangaguhunga, who asked if the rumors were true. Her response:

I think it’s hilarious that Page Six just runs stuff that they make up. What a great job that must be! Not intimidated.

So it’s not true, which I think most of us figured. I just can’t see Maddow giving in to the feminizing machine, if for no other reason that it would give her something in common with Ann Coulter.

— by Trish Bendix

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