Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 22, 2006)


Men’s magazine Maxim published a list of “TV’s Least Appealing Women” this week, and the results aren’t pretty–literally. From the press release noting that Rosie O’Donnell isn’t on the list because that would be “just too obvious” to comments about Pam Grier‘s “keg-shaped frame”, the magazine has gone from its usual sexual objectification of women, to outright mean-spirited sexism.

And putting Tina Fey on that list? That’s just wrong, in so many ways.

Since Rosie O’Donnell joined The View two weeks ago, the show has seen a significant uptick in ratings and sponsorships. But Rosie caused a minor uproar earlier this week when she pointed out that for all the talk of Islamic terrorists, we’re overlooking the dangers fundamentalist Christianity poses to America, as well (to free speech, gay rights, women’s rights, etc.). “Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam,” she said, “in a country like America where we have separation of church and state.” Of course, Christians fundamentalists are up in arms, calling for a boycott of ABC, etc., but I’m guessing (hoping?) a lot of Americans actually agree with what she said.

Meanwhile, the New York Times has an interesting new article analyzing Rosie’s impact on the show, and Barbara Walters’s efforts to rein her in a bit. Like when Rosie suggested Oprah “might be a little bit gay”, and Barbara said “I’d like to get away from that”. To which Rosie replied, “Oh yeah? Let’s take it out in the hall, bitch!” and the two proceeded to arm wrestle to the death. Or something like that.

Gays and lesbians now have a new way to waste time (and money) online: a new GLBT poker site. It’s the place to go when you just don’t want to play one more game of poker with straight people. The site even boasts a gay twist on the popular poker game Texas Hold ‘Em, called ComeOut Hold’em, in which all straights are eliminated from the ranking of the hands. No, I’m not kidding. Next it will be–because there’s too much heterosexual oppression in the dog food aisle, damnit!

Michael (Steve Carell) outed a gay male employee on last night’s hilarious season premiere of NBC’s The Office, and subsequently spent the rest of the episode trying to buy gaydar on the Internet, and attempting to prove how gay-friendly he really is by making statements like “I watch The L Word!” Definitely try to catch this one in reruns, or download it from iTunes when it becomes available (you can also read about the episode in detail here).

Remember when BBC America abruptly stopped airing the second season of Bad Girls? They’re streaming the final three episodes of the season on their website, but only for the next few weeks.

Loving Annabelle will be released on DVD on December 12th.

Bisexual actress Megan Mullally’s new talk show debuted this week, to mixed reviews and mixed ratings.

Fun YouTube link of the week: watch a clip of the lesbian storyline between Tiffanie Thiessen and Jamie Pressly on the 2003 Fox drama Fastlane, then this well-made music video of it set to Britney Spears’s “Toxic”.

A “best of” compilation of Ellen’s talk show was released on DVD this week (available exclusively through Target stores), and the final season of Ellen’s ground-breaking sitcom will be released on November 28th. That’s the season when she goes house-hunting and gets more than a loan from her mortgage broker-turned-girlfriend Laurie (Lisa Darr). Now that’s what I call service!

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for a new installment of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. or read past installments here.

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