Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 18, 2009)


Singer Otep Shamaya shares her thoughts on working with the Hetrick-Martin Institute and Harvey Milk High School:

(Warning: The sound quality on this video is not great)


Melissa Etheridge and Kelly Clarkson sang a duet at the VH1 Divas show last night.

The graphic novel Whiteout featured a "lesbian angle" in its original form, but Kate Beckinsale‘s character has been has been de-gayed in the version on the big screen.

Opera singer Patricia Racette talks about her career and her partner, fellow opera singer Beth Clayton, in a new interview with Opera News.

MTV’s True Life: I’m Polyamorous recently featured a lesbian couple.

Wandi and Lu kissed in this week’s episode of South African soapie Rythm City! (Thanks to Liz for the tip!)

YA author Julie Anne Peters (Keeping You a Secret, Luna) released a new book this week, Rage: A Love Story, about a lesbian teen relationship.

The Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame (the only known government-sponsored hall of fame that honors members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community) will induct 13 people and one organization this November 2009. One of the Inductees is 24-year old filmmaker and activist Zaida Sanabi, whose documentary about the struggles of starting a gay-straight alliance in her high school (A Fish Almost Eaten by a Shark) has been screened nationwide to educate and train school administrators.

Out actress Noelle Messier had landed a spot in the Top 12 in the reality series Hellbent for Hollywood. (Fellow lesbian contestant Skyler Cooper was eliminated on the 4th day of shooting.)

Fringe (Fox), co-starring out actress Jasika Nicole, returned for its second season this week.

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