Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 11, 2009)

"I just really wanted to have a lead character on a show that was a lesbian and there were no issues about that. She’s comfortable with who she is. Not to say that she’s never going to run into some problems along the way, but it was just a different approach to the idea of the story. I really just wanted it to be a show about story and family, and I didn’t want to focus it so much on, ‘Ooh, she’s a lesbian!’ [laughs] Let’s just get past that and get on with the living part of her story."

Crystal Chappell in an interview with, regarding her character "Gina" on her new web series Venice.

”I have to risk being asked to give up my After Ellen International Lesbian of the Year Award because I have done what no self-respecting lesbian would ever do – I actually had Carmen’s (Sarah Shahi‘s) mobile phone number and lost it.” 

— Writer and director Shamim Sarif (The World Unseen, I Can’t Think Straight) on her Facebook blog, admitting to an unforgivable offense. (Thanks to AE reader blue-c for the tip!)

Shamim Sarif, left, with her partner Hanan Kattan

Celia’s (Elizabeth Perkins‘) lesbian love story is dead in the water on Weeds.

Lebanon’s online lesbian magazine Bekhsoos has relaunched online after being on hiatus for nearly a year.

A married lesbian couple, Ángela and Laura, are contestants on the new season of Spain’s Big Brother (Gran Hermano 11). AE reader Rogue tells us, "Ángela is Mexican and Laura is Spanish, they met by the internet and got married recently. Laura was going to be the contestant, but on the live show they asked Ángela to stay in the house and she said yes. As part of the contest, the couple has to lie to the other contestants and act like they don´t know each other. If they get caught, they must leave the house." (Thanks for the tip, and the update, Rogue!)

The CliksLucas Sliveira talks about the details behind the departure of the band’s two lesbian members in an interview with PENETRATION INC.

South African model-turned-actress Christina Storm will play a lesbian prostitute on New South African TV show Flesh.

There’s a new ad for MarriagEquality’s campaign for same-sex marriage in Ireland. (Thanks to AE reader Koolandthegang for posting the link!)

Terapia d’Urgenza, Italy’s version of Hospital Central, recently finished its first and probably only season. (Thanks to AE reader Elisabeth for the tip!)

BBA America censored a sex scene between Emily and Naomi on this week’s episode of Skins (Thanks to Halle B for the tip!).

An uncensored (!), high-def version of the 1998 TV film Gia, starring Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), is being re-released with more love scene footage.

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