Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (Sept. 14, 2007)


Scribe Grrrl’s review of Jodie Foster‘s
new movie, The Brave One,
is up today (which means Scribe’s Bad Girls recap will be posted on Monday), and Lori and I will be posting
our vlog review of The Brave One on Sunday evening as this week’s edition of She Made Me Watch This, along with a discussion of our
other favorite (and least favorite) moments in Jodie’s cinematic career.

But if you want even more on the topic, our friends Brent and Michael over
at have done a
very funny Jodie Foster/closeted gay celebrities edition
of their weekly
video blog, Two Gay Guys, that I’m putting
here for your viewing enjoyment:

"You still wake up sometimes, don’t you Jodie? You still wake sometimes
and hear the screaming of the fans." Hee. I love those guys.

The Miami Herald has more
about the recent anti-gay attack on Top Chef‘s Josie

Ani DiFranco released
a new album
this week.

Attention Torchwood fans: has a new weekly vlog of the show called Torchwood Talk. No lesbians in it (the show or the vlog), but there is a nice discussion of LGBT characters in sci-fi shows in general. And attention bad machine fans: Our hilarious recapper and We’re Getting Nowhere co-host is currently recapping Torchwood for, too.

The Gossip has announced that they will cancel their fall tour with the Long Blondes, due to a push back of their live album and DVD, originally scheduled to be released Nov. 16 on Columbia.

Attention Japanese lesbians! The website
is the first (and currently only) international lesbian editorial website in Japan, offering articles and interviews on lesbian and bi-themed movies, books, comics
and more in both English and Japanese (including some articles
translated into Japanese).

Lesley Gore and Jill "I Kissed
a Girl" Sobule will be playing in New York’s Central Park on Wednesday,
Sept. 19; go to
for details and tickets.

The Sex and the City movie, co-starring Cynthia Nixon, finally has a release date: May 30, 2008.

The 59th
Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Show
is this Sunday evening on Fox. There aren’t
any lesbians or lesbian characters nominated for anything (save for Ellen’s nod for hosting the Oscars), but there will (probably)
be pictures of Ellen and Portia at the event. Look for those, and our live blog
of the awards show itself, on the blog Sunday night.

Jennifer Howd and the Princeton Review have just released
the Gay
and Lesbian Guide to College Life

A unnamed New York TV production company is looking for
gay, lesbian, bi or trans couples about to introduce their significant other
to their parents for an upcoming documentary about parents and relationships.

A new season of America’s Next Top Model
starts next week, and while we don’t know yet if there are any lesbian or bi
contestants, the We’re Getting Nowhere gang
is going to vlog the show every week, just in case. It’s a tough job, but someone
has to do it. Look for their first Top Model vlog the Monday after
the debut.

Also, two AE readers answered my call for video blogs, and will be vlogging the Showtime series Weeds weekly, complete with cute re-enactments. Look for their first vlog on the blog tonight!

Logo’s group of websites (which includes is now
the largest LGBT destination on the web
, according to Media Metrix (which
is like the Nielsen ratings of the internet), and is also now
officially the largest lesbian site on the internet according to someone besides
my mom (yes, she created an account on awhile back to show her support, and so she can PM me when she catches spelling errors in my columns).

As much energy as
I, my staff, our freelance writers/bloggers, and our wonderful volunteer moderators put into bringing you
the best entertainment news and content we can, the success of our site is largely
because of all of you — because you tip us off to people to interview
and movies and shows to watch; you suggest new directions for us to go; you let
us experiment with new stuff and give us honest feedback; and you (mostly) refrain from flame wars. is not the same
Little Lesbian Site That Could that it was when I started it over five years ago,
but somehow, through all of our combined efforts, we’ve managed to grow it in
the right way, and that makes me very happy (and mushy, apparently). So thanks, and keep it up!

That’s it for this week! Check back next week for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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